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How to choose the best sink for your bathroom

How do I choose the best bathroom sink and especially what does a quality sink mean? What’s more important to a bathroom sink: appearance, materials or price? Can I install a bath sink alone or do I need help from a specialist?

These are just a few of the questions that many people ask themselves before choosing a bathroom sink. In this short we will provide you with useful information that will help you find out how you choose the best bathroom sink.

The bath sink is an important piece in your home, an item that plays both a functional and an aesthetic role. The utility and functional role of the bathroom sink “requires excellent quality, if you don’t want to replace it after a short period of time. Especially, if you plan to do a bathroom remodeling, the sink is probably one of the first items that you will change.

Bathroom features

The size, style and color of the bathroom in which the new sink will be installed are the important things to keep in mind because they help you choose the best item for you and your bathroom. You also have to consider whether the bathroom is a children’s bath, a service bath, a bathroom with restricted use or, on the contrary, if it’s the master bathroom.

The new bathroom sink must be sufficiently resistant to the heavy usage in the room, be suitable as dimensions to cover all needs (children, guests, etc.) but also in the style of the bathroom where it’s located.

For example, if it’s a sink for a service bath, then you definitely need only a small or medium-sized sink. Instead, if you need a sink for the main bathroom, a bathroom where both guests and family members have access, you need to choose a large sink made of durable materials with a beautiful design that blends with the style of your bathroom. For such a bathroom you can choose a sink made of marble or granite.

Sink replacement or new sink installation

If you want to choose the best sink that suits your bathroom perfectly, you should also consider this because it will greatly influence your model and the range of sizes you can choose from. If you remodel the bathroom from 0, then everything is simple because you can choose as desired. Instead, if you replace an old sink and you already have the furniture, especially the vanity, you need to be careful what model you choose and what size it has so that the sink chosen matches the model and dimensions of the furniture.

Types of bathroom sinks

The bathroom sink with legs was a most common option for a period of time, after which it has begun to be replaced more and more frequently by other models, especially by sinks installed on a vanity. This type of sink usually occupies a lot of space (especially in height), space that can’t be used to store various items (detergents, towels, paper, etc.).

Besides the fact that it doesn’t provide storage space underneath it, it also doesn’t provide too much space to place various cosmetic or cleaning items, as a sink installed on a countertop where you can use both the flat surface of the sink and the countertop surface.

Bathroom sinks mounted on a countertop occupy more space because they are “in relief” and have a contemporary look. Most bathroom sinks on the counter have the shape of a round or oval bowl.

The undermount bathroom sink is perhaps the smartest and most intriguing type of sink. This type of sink is especially used for those who prefer a “clean” design where the bathroom lines are simple. The advantage of the undermount sink is that it doesn’t occupy much space on the outside, so you can use the entire surface of the countertop without any problems. It’s suitable for family baths because water splashes are very easy to remove with a cloth.

Bathroom sinks mounted on the wall are very elegant, but they are not practical because they don’t offer enough storage space. However, this type of sink is suitable for small bathrooms, where only small sinks would fit, suspended in a corner, or on the contrary in large bathrooms, where you can arrange the bathroom according to your pleasure and the lack of storage space below the sink doesn’t affect you. Also, wall sinks are useful for people with disabilities because they allow the wheelchair to reach the sink area.

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