Living Coral, renovation trend of 2019

Color of the year 2019: Living Coral – how to include it in your home

Later than in the previous years, the Pantone Institute, the world authority in anything color-related, announced the color of 2019. So, for the following year, Living Coral – 16-1546 will dominate both fashion podiums and furniture store displays, decorations and finishes used in interior design.

Living Coral is a vibrant and soft color at the same time that emanates warmth and comfort and urges direct contact between people in an era where digital technology and social media overwhelm our lives and is also a bridge between real and virtual. The color of 2019, therefore, is a playful, lively, optimistic one that represents the fusion of modern life and which can be a wonderful chromatic accent in the interior design, a field in which it will be presented in the form of finishes, various pieces of furniture and various types of decorations.

Living Coral, perfect to decorate your home

If you are looking for a colorful, lively accent color for the interior design of your home, the color chosen for the year 2019 is the ideal choice. You can use it as a basic color for painting the walls, especially as a chromatic accent, in the form of pieces of furniture or in the form of small accessories and decorations. It is a warm and joyful color at the same time, suitable both for living spaces such as the living room and the kitchen, as well as for bedrooms, children’s rooms, and bathrooms. Basically, you can use it anywhere you like because it can be playful, soothing or warm, or everything at the same time, depending on your mood and personal preferences.

From the point of view of the style used for the rest of the home, Living Coral suits both modern and classic interiors and even more unique choices, like interiors that are decorated using Oriental elements, for example. It’s a universal color, easy to mix and match, that transmits warmth and positive energy perfect to decorate your home and make it welcoming,friendly and joyful.

How to match the color of the year 2019 with other color schemes

You will obtain one of the most beautiful and refined chromatic combinations by joining the color Living Coral with white shades, either a buttery white or a milky white. Therefore, you can paint the walls of the living room in the color you chose for 2019, then decorate it with some beige furniture or vice versa: you can choose a Living Coral couch in a neutral living room with butter-colored walls. In addition, the coral shades look good in combination with blue, turquoise blue, with various shades of green (olive green, for example) with beige and cappuccino shades, gray combined with various yellow shades and it forms interesting contrasts in the arrangement of interior spaces where black is a predominant color or it was used for several furniture pieces.

Inspired by nature, just like Greenery, the color of 2017, the Living Coral color is one that can radically change a home due to the warmth and positive energy it emanates, as only a little bit of this color isenough to bring to life a cold and boring space. A couch, a carpet and some curtainsor assorted pillows, a coral armchair are just a few of the options you can useto decorate with this color, obtaining a modern interior, according to thetrends of 2019.

Take inspiration from nature

According to interior design experts, the starting point for using coral involves identifying the colors that fit it best. Nature is the best teacher. Green as the leaves of a rose, an ashy brown similar to the ones of tree branches and the color of the honey that reminds us of baskets full or ripe apples are some of the colors that make a successful pair with coral.

Other experts also recommend combining coral with natural colors and textures, such as green and wood, which tone down this energetic color and create a relaxing atmosphere. Experts also propose combining coral with various shades of blue – after all, the inspiration for the color of 2019 comes from the depth of the oceans.

At the same time, it’s important to remember that, even though coral is softer compared to red, it’s still a strong color that may become a little boring after some time. Therefore, if you don’t plan to renovate anytime soon, it’s best to use it in small doses for things that can be easily changed later.

We hope these tips were useful for you to integrate the color of the year 2019 in your home. Any other plans you might have on renovating or remodeling your home, the GoodDeal Remodeling team is here to help you. Don’t hesitate tocontact us for a free estimate and take a look at our remodeling services in the Philadelphia area.