bathroom storage space

How to create storage spaces in the bathroom

Storage spaces in bathrooms are quite difficult to create during a bathroom remodeling, because although it may not be apparent during installation, when you start actually using the bathroom, the lack of a peg,  placement misuse of a handle or a socket difficult to reach become real problems. Therefore, it is good that the bathroom receives special attention in the remodeling process.

Recessed tanks and wall – hung toilets

In the bathrooms it’s recommended to use recesses tanks and suspended toilet ware. It’s one of the best ways to save some space in the bathroom. The system creates a much easier cleaning space, because the floor is uniform and at the same time it enables the possibility to create all sorts of niches and storage places that, in a bathroom, are just as important as warm water.

Bathroom remodeling design tips

Some bathrooms have a shower and bathtub, but there are small guest bathrooms that only have a small toilet and sink, and there’s no room for anything else. In both cases, you need storage space, which you can obtain by using tricks and techniques of interior design. It all starts at the planning stage. If the wall on which the toilet bowl is mounted features no niche and is uniformly flat, it doesn’t give you any opportunity to create a storage place. You can use the recesses toilet tank to obtain a level difference – a niche, which you can use as a shelf.

Most often, the shelf extends on the entire length of the wall, even if the tank needs only a small portion for assembly, resulting in an elegant line, enhancing the feeling of space.

If the space allows it, install a cabinet door above the tank, where you can keep the towels, cosmetics and other things necessary in bathrooms. If possible, the cabinet doors should be at the same level with the toilet tank to keep a clean line.

Sometimes, the niche used for the tank can be larger, to obtain a wider cabinet space. It’s not always possible to choose this option, just when the bathroom space is wide enough. Cabinet doors may or may not have handles, using a push system or having milled handles. Either way, they shouldn’t prevent free movement or dig into your shoulders.

Both the niches and the cabinets can include one or more sockets for personal care tools that need electricity. The sockets can be hidden or in plain sight, it all depends on your personal preferences.

In guest bathrooms, you can also use the niche created above the toilet tank as a shelf for storage space, without installing a cabinet. It’s enough, since the space is smaller, a cabinet with doors would take too much of it. Plus, having an open shelf helps you stay organized with the things you store there.

Narrow cabinets in small bathrooms

In small bathrooms, the most common solution is to install a narrow cabinet with mirrored doors just above the sink. Under the sink, you can create a storage space, be it mounted on the wall or on the ground, without taking up too much space.

In larger bathrooms the storage space under the sink is more visible, it takes up more space and it helps create a focal point, as you can play with various materials and designs. However, in the case of a small bathroom it’s best to choose functionality over design.

Niches created for the toilet tank can also become focal points in the bathroom, being more than just a functional storage space. You can use different finishes from the rest of the walls, such as waterproof wallpapers, washable paint or tiles in different colors and patterns.

Storage spaces for large bathrooms

When you have more available space, you can create all kinds of interesting designs. For example, if you have some extra space on the wall where the bathtub is installed, you can place a larger cabinet, to store all the personal care products and items you use when taking the bath. It helps you be more organized and it provides a dry environment for the respective items.

Extra bathroom remodeling tips

A closed storage space may have painted or mirror coated MDF doors (an excellent finish to amplify the sense of space). MDF is highly resistant to steam and water droplets, it doesn’t swell and retains its color for long.

Pay attention to push –on locks! If your hands are wet when you use cabinet doors or drawers that have this system, or when the respective surface is foggy from the steam, it’s difficult to remove remaining fingerprints. Classic handles are more practical in this case.

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