Basement remodel ideas

Creative ideas for a basement remodel

Surely when you think of the basement, you think of that dark underground space every homeowner used mainly for storage, an obscure room with persistent moisture and a specific odor. In reality, a basement can be transformed into anything as long as you have imagination and apply creative ideas like the ones you will find below.

The basement as a storage room

It’s true that, in most cases, the basement is just created to represent an ideal place for proper storage of food, especially canned goods or wine bottles. It offers ideal conditions for safekeeping of the products listed above. The basement converted into a pantry is a quiet place, a cool dark place, where excessive humidity should be prevented. If moisture appears, it’s advisable to take all the necessary measures to eliminate it, otherwise, you won’t be able to store anything properly.

The basement must be organized properly if you want this place to represent the perfect pantry. Cupboards and shelves should not be missing, so that all the cans and other items are well organized.

Besides cans and food stocks, many people store in their pantry things they no longer use frequently, and various tools or devices they use to care for the house or in the garden.

Basement remodel ideas

From a common basement to a room that is very functional, it’s just a step. You need to think about what you want to convert your basement and you can use some creative ideas for a proper basement remodel.

The basement can be transformed easily into a kitchen. If you have a house that’s not very generous in terms of space and you want to turn your current kitchen into another room, such as a small living room, the basement can be transformed successfully into a kitchen. Any transformation in terms of aesthetics will be made after the items related to the functionality have been achieved, in this category entering thermal insulation and waterproofing, electricity and lighting system. After that, you will only need to decorate the kitchen to your liking, choose matching furniture and accessories, and you’ll surely enjoy having a nice space.

You don’t have too much space, but you want to have a room to invite your friends over, to play various games, listen to music and serve a delicious cocktail. A humble basement can be transformed into a great entertainment room. You can place a small bar, an audio system or a home cinema to watch your favorite movies with your loved ones, a pool table and of course a sofa and several armchairs. You can get creative with lights, as you can choose spots or colored light to create an interesting atmosphere.

Do you have a hobby that you want to practice in your own space? The basement is the space that you can turn your tiny little room where you can paint, play guitar, write, make handmade jewelry or simply do anything you want. Arrange your hobby room in accordance with your personality and your favorite hobby.

The basement can be transformed and a relaxation room. If you like to spend your free time reading or listening to relaxing music in the background, the basement may be ideal, of course if it is arranged properly. Also, if you work from home and only want a place of your own to get some work done, the basement can be transformed into an office, becoming the place where nothing and nobody will bother you.

Are you an active person who likes to stay in shape but you don’t have the time to go every day to the gym? The basement can be transformed into a small gym, which you can enjoy every time you want, without having to leave your home. It’s true that you will need to invest in some proper equipment, but it’s an investment worth making, because you will no longer need a gym membership.

If you receive frequent visits from friends and want them to spend more time at your place, a basement remodel allows you to convert the basement into a guest bedroom or, why not, for a member of your family. Especially teenagers like to have their own room and if you don’t have enough space in your home, the basement might be a good option for an additional room for children.

These are just some of the ideas you can use for a basement remodel. But, as mentioned before, prior to decorating the space, you need to create certain conditions; the basement must be very well insulated and you must install a ventilation system, given that there are probably no windows. If these conditions are satisfied, it’s still possible to have problems, high humidity affecting the room, the furniture and even your health. Also, if there are no or few natural light sources, it’s important to pay attention to artificial lighting sources.

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