living in home during renovations

How to Live in Your Home During A Renovation

If you’ve decided to renovate your home, then you know there are plenty of details to attend to. For instance, the decision to stay in your home during the construction comes with a list of things to add to your “To Do” list. Unless your roof is undergoing major rebuilding or you’re having asbestos removed, then staying in your home is something to consider.

The Benefits of Staying in Your Home During Your Renovations

When you opt to remain in your property, you get these benefits:

  • You’ll be available for any issues that come up
  • You’ll be able to monitor the daily progress
  • It’s more convenient to stay in the neighborhood


There is a downside to staying at home while it’s being renovated that you need to prepare for. If you have young children and pets, there are safety issues that need to be addressed. Talk about these aspects of the renovation project with your family to understand what you’ll all be dealing with:

  • Noise
  • Water and power shut off for extended periods
  • Lack of privacy
  • Limited access to living spaces
  • Dust from construction


How to Live in Your Home During A Renovation and Make It Work

Before setting up your living area, it’s essential to communicate with the contractors and get a timeline for the project. Talk to the project manager about your intentions to live in the house while it’s being updated. Now is the time to be clear about your expectations such as how late the crew will be working, and timely notifications for power and water shutoffs.

When you’ve nailed down the details with your builders, pick a room in the house that will be your family’s headquarters during the construction period. Ideally, the room will be away from the area that’s being renovated. You can use plastic sheeting between doors to block the construction debris.

When starting a kitchen remodeling in Philadelphia, PA, then you’ll need a plan for your meals. A portion of your kitchen items like your coffee maker, toaster and seating area can be moved to a room away from the construction. With a small investment in a mini-fridge, you can make simple meals in the microwave. Use environmentally friendly paper plates and utensils to make cleaning up easy.

Contact us when you’re ready for your big home renovations. We’ll get the job done quickly, so you can enjoy your updated home.