How to Maximize Kitchen Corners

How to Maximize Kitchen Corners

Whether you are planning a new kitchen or remodeling an existing one, there are always tricky corners to deal with for maximizing storage while still being logical. The last thing you want is a corner cabinet that is deep and awkward where stored items get lost at the very back. This is especially important when it comes to a small kitchen remodel in Bucks County, PA. We have some creative ideas for maximizing kitchen corner spaces.

Large Pots and Pans Storage

That seemingly dead lower corner cabinet is a perfect nook for organizing and nesting pots and pans. The door can easily be L-shaped at a right angle that opens fully. The interior can have two rotating shelves that make it easy to get to the pots in the back of the corner. These shelves are similar to a lazy Susan, only with a center 90° angle. This is especially great for small kitchens.

Floating Open Upper Shelves

Reaching upper corner cabinets can be a bit awkward when you are leaning over the counter. This is a terrific spot for open shelving where you can display your finer items that aren’t used daily. These also work nicely for your favorite cookbooks. If a window is nearby, this is a good spot for potted plants to bring some greenery inside. Generally, two custom shelves are in order here.

Corner Sink with Plate Rack Above

That quirky interior corner can be angled as a home for a large sink. When you place a 45° section of the counter in the corner, you create a deeper cabinet below for plumbing and appliances, like a garbage disposal, a water filtration system, or a toe-kick heater to warm the kitchen and prevent your plumbing from freezing if it is on an outside wall. To lighten up that corner, consider placing an open dish rack above the sink that can be used for drying dishes or storage (or both).

An Appliance Garage

When the counter terminates at a side or end wall, this is an opportunity for a counter to soffit height cabinet that conceals appliances, such as a toaster oven and a coffee maker. This is also a perfect area to have a tech charging station so you aren’t looking at wires and phones. This type of cabinet is a clever way to minimize countertop clutter.

Appliance Pop-Up Shelf

The corner of an island is a convenient place to stow your bulky stand mixer or high-powered blender. The interior shelf rolls out and rises via a spring mechanism to counter height where you can use the appliance and plug into the outlet at the end of the island. No more trying to lift that heavy apparatus. Once lowered down and back inside the cabinet, the closed door conceals any evidence of the equipment.

Full Pantry

A floor-to-soffit or floor-to-ceiling pantry is excellent at the end-wall corner. This works well because it is generally a full 24 inches deep for maximum storage of dry and canned goods or large platters and pots. It is also a good place for a vertical, slide-out spice rack for the enthusiastic and creative cook.

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