How to Optimize Space: Remodeling Ideas

How to Optimize Space: Remodeling Ideas

A small bathroom or kitchen can become a nuisance when planning a renovation. Although it might become difficult to fit grandiose plans into a small space, experts from Good Deal Remodeling can do it and do it right the first time. Below, we have outlined top tips to maximize small bathroom or kitchen space when planning your remodeling.

Small Kitchen Remodeling

Build in the essentials to the cabinet design

Adding a built-in bin or microwave cupboard offers you adequate bench space and room to move around the kitchen. Most people often forget about such essentials and can occupy significant space.

Combine your dining area with the benchtop

Letting the benchtop overhang on one side can instantaneously become your dining area with some stools.

Install kitchen sink

If you rarely use your dishwasher, consider installing a kitchen sink. A sink will offer you ample bench space and plenty of kitchen layout options.

Install Pull-out pantries

If your kitchen space is narrow, a pull-out pantry can help you get extra storage space, especially for the essentials.

Install cabinets to the ceiling

Another way you can maximize your kitchen space is to install cabinets high up on the kitchen walls. This way, you will get more cabinet space and open up the kitchen and make it look bigger.

Small Bathroom Remodeling

Custom cabinets

If your bathroom presents a serious storage challenge, custom cabinets might be your solution. The Good Deal Remodeling team can help you choose the space-saving solutions that will suit your space and make the remodeling easier.

Modern sink styles

You don’t have to stick to the traditional square sinks. Numerous sink designs can help you save space, depending on the amount of space you have and what you want. You can go for a flat or curved sink that will not be so bulky and big or an under-mount sink for some extra counter space.

A sliding door

Beyond giving your bathroom a stunning look, a sliding door occupies less floor space than a conventional door. While traditional swing doors need a clear arc of ground space to close and open, a sliding door gets glide into a wall patch, creating more space.

Compact shower stalls

A compact shower stall is one of the best bathroom designs in Montgomery County, PA. It occupies less space and can make your bathroom appear more open.

Shelf up

If you have depleted all the space you got, don’t forget to look up when figuring out more space-saving options. Adding shelves high up on the bathroom walls can maximize your storage while creating more floor space for you to move around the bathroom.

For professional kitchen and bath remodeling, reach out to Good Deal Remodeling today. We’ll help you get your desired home.