retro bathroom remodeling

Important elements for a retro bathroom remodeling

A retro house can’t be complete without a bathroom arranged and decorated in the same style. Therefore, you plan to remodel your bathroom and the retro style is something you want to look into, or if you plan to choose the retro style for your entire house, you should know which the most important elements you need to consider are.

The charm of retro-style bathrooms is made of iron bathtubs, round sinks mounted on wrought iron supports, toilet bowls with suspended tanks, colorful wooden cabinets or towels, soap and brass toothbrushes.

Of course the bathroom design can vary according to the tastes of each owner, but to confirm the presence of the retro style, a large mirror, dressed in a wooden frame, with many sculpted details, is almost mandatory.

Color schemes for retro bathrooms

Starting from the idea that bathroom spaces are usually small, the predominant chromatic palette is composed of pastel colors. Color splashes in retro-style bathrooms are dark blue, green, brown, brick red or bold red. There is often a black-and-white combination similar to a chessboard, most commonly found in the flooring of the bathroom.

Placing tile on the walls is usually only a partial option, in places most often exposed to moisture: around the bathtub or in front of the sink. Some people are not keen on installing tile, opting for simple walls painted with washable paint.

The retro decoration of the bathroom is complemented by the most fitted accessories: bathtubs and sinks with old-fashioned brass fixtures, bottles and colored glass recipients, black-and-white paintings in special frames, 50-70 year-style lighting.

Materials used for a retro bathroom remodeling

Marble is a classic when it comes to retro bathrooms. White and pink marble is very suitable for the flooring and walls. A more affordable alternative would be to choose rectangular wall tile and a flooring tile with a chess pattern. Cabochon-style sandstone also fits nicely with a retro bathroom.

A retro bathroom will look great with tiled flooring in the form of a chessboard and some retro details like accessories or furniture pieces. This type of bathroom also looks great with some more baroque accents.

Tips and tricks for a successful retro bathroom remodeling

The furniture shouldn’t be very large or occupy a lot of space, and can be comprised of a wooden sink, a few hanging shelves and a towel rack. An alternative to pieces of small wooden furniture is using wrought iron, which gives the entire bathroom a more classic note. The only condition is that the finishing, in both variants, should have the patina of time.

Given their importance in the bathroom, sanitary items influence the design of this space by their own design. As such, they must be carefully chosen. Very suitable is a round porcelain sink, in the shape of a bowl, a metal claw-foot bathtub and retro brass bathroom fixtures with an antique finish and double command.

The final note is given by all the accessories and small decorations, some practical, others just meant to complete the look, which are found not only in specialty stores, but also in antique shops or even in yard sales: an old iron hanger, for a bathrobe and towels, a porcelain soap dish or a toothbrush holder, a large ceramic pot, full of fresh flowers or a round vanity mirror. And the list can continue with all sorts of objects that may be forgotten, which, in these conditions, come to life and regain their utility.

Retro master bathroom

Ideally, the main bathroom should be integrated into the master bedroom or be in close proximity to it. The master bathroom should have a spacious bath tub and preferably a double sink with a beautiful mask, with storage space. It’s the place where you can fulfill all your dreams in terms of design and comfort options.

Retro guest bathroom

In the guest bathroom the space is usually limited, but that doesn’t mean you can’t decorate it nicely. Choose light colors, small furniture, suspended sanitary facilities, which will leave the floor plan open. Ensure that the room has sufficient light. To give it more character, you can use colored wall tiles or bold wallpaper on the wall behind the sink.

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