master bathroom remodeling

Key features for a master bathroom remodeling

The master bathroom or main bathroom in a home is an important part of the daily routine. It should be more than just a place where you take a quick shower before work, it should become a room where you can relax and unwind. Furthermore, why not turn your master bathroom into your very own private spa? If you’re getting ready for a bathroom remodeling, here are the most important features you should consider for the master bathroom.

1.Custom storage spaces

To get rid of all the clutter you have in your bathroom, you should have the necessary storage space which allows you to do so. If you opt for custom-made bathroom cabinets, it means that you can take advantage of all the available space, regardless if your bathroom is narrow, it it’s more wider than it’s long, or if you have a tall ceiling. Drawers with duplex outlets for the hair dryer, trays, dividers, hamper and trash pull-outs, rollout shelves, all these are options that you should consider if you want to gain some extra storage space.  You could also opt for floating vanities or for open shelves; the possibilities are endless when it comes to customize your bathroom space according to your needs.

2.Unique bathroom tiles

Tiles are a great way to personalize the bathroom space, because you can mix and match with different colors, patterns and finishes creating custom mosaics. You don’t have to go all the way for all the walls if you think it’s too much, or if you want a minimalistic approach. You can play with different options from your tile selection just on one bathroom wall or you can create focal points around the sink or around the bath tub. Mixing different types of tiles in a bathroom remodeling allows you to combine and use some interesting materials, like marble, for example.

3.Smart lighting choices

The main concern when it comes to the master bathroom is that you have to plan your lighting according to your daily needs. It’s only natural to want excellent lighting in the morning, when you need to get ready and you most likely do it in the bathroom, but it’s also normal if you want a more discreet lighting during night time, when all you want is to relax and to sink into the bath tub. Luckily, there are several options when it comes to lighting fixtures, so you can install more than just one or two, especially if you opt for something compact that blends easily with the bathroom design.

4.Clean lines

Using modern materials and keeping a simple design helps making the bathroom feel welcoming, but at the same time it brings a certain freshness to the space.  For example, glass is one of the materials that are heavily used over the last couple of years, because it’s durable and with its clean and crisp lines, it helps to upgrade a bathroom space. Glass countertops are easy to clean and they instantly add an elegant touch to a modern bathroom.

5.Fun hardware

Hardware is not something that takes the first place when you think about a master bathroom remodeling, but it’s something that you use every day, so why not make it more fun while you’re at it? There are several option available today, in different shapes and colors, so why not use these small details to customize your bathroom space even further?

6.“Luxury” elements

The final step when you decide to do a master bathroom remodeling is to choose the specific elements that you would like to add or to remove from your current bathroom. If you decide to get radiant floor heating, which is one of the top requests for homeowners who remodel their homes over the last years, or if you want to install a heated towel bar, than you should go ahead and do it. Take a look at your budget, discuss everything with your contractor, and add all the little “luxury” extras that you want as long as it is feasible and you have the budget for them.

Following these recommendation, you will certainly enjoy the results of a perfect bathroom remodeling. If you want to change something in your bathroom or in your home, the Good Deal Remodeling will take care of the rest. Our experienced team is specialized in bathroom remodeling, but you can also contact us for any other home remodeling project you have in mind.