Kitchen Peninsula vs Kitchen Island

Kitchen Peninsula vs Kitchen Island

Peninsulas and islands lend themselves to some of the best kitchen designs in South Jersey, A peninsula kitchen is similar to a kitchen island because it has a worktop unit. However, instead of the unit being free-standing in the center of the kitchen, it is attached to a wall. A kitchen peninsula functions much like a kitchen island but doesn’t take up as much space.

The Differences Between a Peninsula and an Island

Think about the geographical picture of an island and a peninsula – the basic idea for these kitchen layouts is the same. When you see an island, you notice it is detached from other sections of land. The same goes for the island kitchen – there are no structures attached to it, and it stands alone in the room. On the other hand, the peninsula is attached to a wall on one side. The peninsula section is set out and often a division of another room and the kitchen.

What is the Layout of the Kitchen Peninsula?

The basic layout of a kitchen peninsula is similar to an actual peninsula–with three sides that are accessible. It is attached to either a main wall or a countertop adjacent to the wall. There are usually some drawers or cabinets on it which allow you additional storage space. These drawers or cabinets are on the inside and often on all three sides; the top allows you additional space for preparing meals or eating.

Peninsula vs Island

In comparing a kitchen peninsula with an island, the peninsula has a variety of benefits. The work triangle is not affected by a peninsula, therefore it will not affect the costs to design it. In addition, there are no appliances housed on the kitchen peninsula, so fewer workers and labor are required.

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