Modern Alternatives to A Lazy Susan

Modern Alternatives to A Lazy Susan

Lazy susans quickly became the go-to solution for dead corner cabinet space. They helped homeowners make use of that dead space. However, they have quickly become outdated. Now, instead of an old lazy susan, homeowners are opting for these modern alternatives that look amazing and help them make better use of space.

Open Shelving

Open shelving is a modern way to organize any kitchen area. Simply remove the cabinet doors, and install shelves. This kitchen design idea provides a breath of fresh air in otherwise stuffy kitchens. The lack of cabinet doors creates the illusion of more space, making this an excellent kitchen decor idea for small spaces.

You can pull off open shelving with any decorative style, from modern to farmhouse.

Lazy Susan With Hooks Instead of Shelving

Lazy susans still have their place in kitchens. They are great for top shelves where it can be challenging to find things. However, there are modern versions available that come with an updated look and updated options. Consider trying out a top-shelf lazy susan with hooks to enjoy the benefits of a lazy susan, and have more storage for pots and pans storage while keeping them organized.

Corner Drawers

Corner drawers are more popular than ever before. These drawers make use of dead corner cabinet space. They do require an expert to install them in most cases. You simply clear out that dead corner space and drawers are installed that take up the entire corner. They pull out like standard drawers, helping you maximize the space in your kitchen while maintaining a modern look.

Kitchen Organization

Lazy susans became popular for helping people find an item, such as a certain spice, easier. However, quite a few kitchen organization tips offer the same benefit.

Spice shelves make it easier than ever before to organize spices. These little shelves are designed so that the ones in the back are taller, guaranteeing that you can see all of your spices.

Spice racks that sit on the inside of the cabinet door are another great idea!

You can also use produce baskets on high shelves. When you need to find something, simply pull down the basket.

In Conclusion

Lazy susans made a splash in the industry upon arrival, but they are quickly being updated with modern versions and alternatives. When you’re ready to install corner drawers to use your corner cabinet space better, give our kitchen remodelers in South Jersey a call.