remodel a child's room

How to remodel a child’s room and turn it into a room suitable for a teenager

Adolescence is one of the most important stages in your child’s life. It’s the time when the transition from childhood to the age of young adults in taking place. Therefore, it’s necessary to remodel the bedroom and transform it from a child’s room into one that represents its young inhabitant.

Divide the room into various functional areas

Even if we talk about a girl or a boy, the needs and tastes of youngest in the family change as time passes. They will not want to have decorations with their favorite cartoon characters, but posters with film heroes or artists they love. Their choices will be clearer in terms of hobbies and occupations, and the room will become an intimate space where they will spend much of their time. Thus, it is extremely important for them to feel good in the room that belongs to them. Moreover, a teenager’s room is the place to receive visits from friends and you want them to be proud of their own space, which is why it is important to that the bedroom represents them.

Thus, in order to remodel a teenager’s room, you will need to take into account some of the essential aspects. First of all, you have to keep in mind the preferences of the teenager for whom you change the room. Think of the passions they started developing or the activities they like to do in their free time. Take into account their preferences and consider them to choose the furniture and the appearance of the room together. It’s essential that this transformation reflects the preferences and personality of its inhabitant, but also covers all its needs in terms of space.

Regardless of the size of the room, it will be easy to remodel it if you segment it to perform more functions: a space for homework and study, a resting and relaxing space, or a space for socializing.

Here are the areas you need to consider when you think about remodeling a child’s room and turning it into a teenager’s:

  • Resting area;
  • Relaxation and socialization area;
  • Area dedicated to the study;
  • Storage and storage area of ​​personal items.

Think about organizing these areas according to the specific needs of a teenager. For example, if we talk about a boy who is passionate about a particular sport, you can choose an area where you can place all the objects that belong to his passion. You can do the same with girls and delimit areas by different colors. Girls are more expressive and more inclined to decorate with colorful and playful objects. Choose the favorite colors of your teenager and try to include them in the arrangement of the space: walls painted in different colors, colorful furniture or decorative objects are just a few ideas.

Resting area

One of the most important places in a teenager’s room is the one dedicated to rest. That is why it’s necessary to choose a bed that reflects its needs of convenience, but that respects the space you have at your disposal.

If you want the room to have a completely new look, you can change the placement of the bed. Keep in mind the space you have and what other areas you want to fit in the room. For a room that is not extremely generous in terms of space, you can choose a wall bed next to which to place, for example, a desk. A room where you have more space will give you the opportunity to opt for a bed placed in the middle. The other pieces of furniture are arranged according to the position occupied by the bed in the room.

Another option is the bunk bed, which teenagers especially appreciate because it allows them to receive guests to stay overnight. This is also a good choice if two teenagers share a room. Moreover, the bunk bed offers you some storage space and helps you use the space in an economical way.

The study area

In this place in the room, the teenager will spend their time learning. Thus, they will need to have the work materials they need: books, notebooks, writing instruments. Their number will gradually increase and it’s essential that besides a desk and a chair, there are some shelves for storage. If space allows it, a small bookcase is just what the room is missing.

It’s preferable to place the desk near the window, so that there’s plenty of natural light. Also, it’s a good idea to keep workspaces as close as possible to the desk, to make this area more efficient.

For this area, you also need to consider lighting items that depend on the color that you chose to decorate the rest of the room. Cold light helps the study process, but it’s good to alternate it with accents of warm light, as the same room is dedicated to rest.

Area for socializing and relaxation

The space for relaxation doesn’t need to be extremely large, but it’s good to be considered and arranged as such. A couple of armchairs or a few comfortable pillows are enough to have a space to just unwind away from the desk area.

Also, this will be the main are where the teenager will receive guests, so it can also be an area dedicated to their hobbies.

Storage area

Even if you remodel the bedroom for a boy or a girl, you will need to consider the storage of personal belongings. The area can be made up of a cabinet and some shelves or special boxes. The closet should be as compartmentalized as possible so that the teenager can easily organize their clothes. A girl’s room can even have a dressing, to make room for more items of clothing.

For objects they don’t use constantly, boxes are a good solution. Boxes don’t occupy much space and can be placed where they need it. Creativity can be put to work, so boxes can have different shapes or colors.

Choose light colors, in expressive hues

A teenager’s room can no longer look the way it looked when they were a child. A major change is the choice of one or more new wall colors. These must reflect the teenager’s preferences and highlight the space in a modern and creative way.

So, whether you choose different colors, or you will use just one color for the bedroom walls, here are some suggestions that might be useful to you:

  • Combine the colors to create a joyful and bright room;
  • Keep in mind the favorite color of the teenager;
  • Use creative wallpaper.

Choose a theme for the room

Because this room is also the “universe” where the teenager will spend their time, you can opt for a themed room. In this case, you can consider their hobbies or the activities that they like most. You can also keep in mind current trends in fashion or other areas. Basically, choosing the theme for decorating the room should be made in accordance to the teenager’s preferences.

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