Remodeling Ideas For A Colonial Style Kitchen

Remodeling Ideas For A Colonial Style Kitchen

A colonial-style home is one that’s dignified but comfortable. While not cutesy and comfy like a cottage or Craftsman-style home can be, a colonial-style home is comforting and gives an air of stability and longevity. Remodeling your home so that it reflects a colonial style typically involves scaling back on anything ornate unless it’s understated. Your kitchen can easily be transformed with a few changes.

Tone Down The Colors

Colonial-style kitchens tend to have more neutral colors or lighter colors that don’t grab the eye as much. Colors should blend harmoniously. Consider white walls with light wood cabinets, or beige dining chairs. You could have light blue walls in some spots, for example. You wouldn’t want dark accent walls or brightly painted cabinets. Of course, you can have some color, but make those highlights, like a picture or knickknack shelf.

Cabinets Should Be Practical and Have Clean Lines

Colonial-style cabinets are usually wood and usually clean in terms of lines. There can be detailed designs in the woodwork, but overall, the cabinets look visually calm. They’re also practical, with sensible door and drawer pulls. You won’t really see sliding doors on upper cabinets; maybe you’d have them on console-type lower storage. Interior storage should also look clean and not have many places that are too far out of reach for you to access easily.

Lightly Patterned Backsplashes Are a Nice Choice

Colonial-style kitchens tend to have backsplashes along all of the cabinet/counter walls and not just behind the stove. The backsplashes are usually some form of tile. Lightly patterned tiles that are floral or have some sort of older-seeming design give the impression that this is an older, stately house. The majority of the tile color should, again, be neutral and subdued, but a few pops of color from floral designs are very nice. You don’t have to have a lot of color if you don’t want it, but it is nice and adds a personal touch.

Discuss Your Design Plans With Us 

You’re best off contacting companies that do kitchen makeovers in Montgomery County, PA, to help you determine what should be replaced. If the whole kitchen has to work in harmony, visually speaking, you want to remodel it all at once. Good Deal Remodeling can help you with kitchen remodeling in Northeast Philadelphia and the surrounding area. Contact us today to discuss your plans!