Remodeling ideas for fireplaces

Remodeling ideas for rooms with fireplaces

A fireplace is a compact and solid construction, which can be made of brick, stone, marble, metal or cast iron. It produces heat based on the fuel found in its construction.

At first, the fireplace was a simple stone construction, located in the middle of the room, and the smoke was bursting through a hole in the ceiling. It was perfected in time, Prince Ruppert having a significant contribution in the evolution of the fireplace, in 1678, when he invented the ventilation system. Today we enjoy a variety of fireplace models, which are based on the same principle of construction.

Types of fireplaces

The fireplace can be of several types, depending on the materials that make up and the fuel used.

A stone fireplace can be lined with tiles of iron inside, so the heat level is higher. This type of fireplace is suitable for huts built of wood, due to the protection of the interior, made of iron.

Reinforced concrete fireplaces are very common in old houses in the US, but this type of fireplace is rarely built nowadays, due to cracks that can occur to the building during fuel burning.

If you’ve always wanted to have a fireplace in your home, but you can not build one because the house plan doesn’t allow it or because you live in a small home, the solution is an electric fireplace.

Electric fireplaces successfully imitate the look of stone fireplaces without producing smoke, and without being fire hazards. In addition, some electric fireplace models incorporate even a sound system that mimics the sounds produced during the burning of wood, to render the perfect ambiance created by a real fireplace.

It will warm your house in the same way as a fireplace built of stone, it’s stylish and can be placed even in smaller homes.

Considering the types of fuel available, it’s important to think about which type of fuel is best suitable for your heating needs. For example, fireplaces that use wood are appropriate for a rustic style. They have many advantages and are perfect to create a family atmosphere.

Gas – based fireplaces are a more affordable option, they don’t produce smoke and you have the possibility to adjust the room temperature easily. If you prefer a “green” option, you can opt for a fireplace that uses ethanol. Ethanol is a modern fuel, made out of plants, which makes it more environmental – friendly.

How to decorate a room with a fireplace

Currently, fireplaces gained in size, while construction and design have different styles. The contemporary fireplace is both a source of heat, and a central element of the unique decor of the room. The fireplace can become the centerpiece of a room if the furniture is arranged around it, like in many modern living rooms.

An alternative for decorating the fireplace is having a mirror above it, which will give the room more light and space.

Whether we refer to a modern fireplace or a classic one, it’s very stylish to have a TV suspended on the wall, a trend very popular, especially in elegant homes.

If you have a big house, with windows on all walls and a high ceiling, a wood fireplace built into a brick or stone wall in neutral colors gives the room a minimalist, Scandinavian feel. Paint your walls in white or beige to give the impression of even more space. Also, opt for sliding doors to create an open space for your family.

Another idea for the living room with a fireplace is to frame this attraction between two bookcases. Near the fireplace, you can sit in a comfortable armchair whenever you feel like picking up a good book that you can read next to a warm place.

If you have a small living room, incorporate a fireplace in a false wall and paint all walls of the room white. Also, leave the windows free for extra light, which will contribute to the impression of space in the living room. In addition, on the floor, instead of the traditional fur, you can place a synthetic fur carpet.

If you want a living room with a fireplace, or if you want to build it in another room of the house, you can draw some inspiration from the examples above. But do not forget to adjust the decor to your personality, to feel more comfortable and at ease in your favorite room.

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