Baby room renovation ideas

Renovation ideas for the baby room

In our lives there comes a time when we are preparing to become parents. Then, among the multitude of emotions and thoughts that worry us at all times, appears the desire to prepare a room for the baby in the home. Some people have already planned for a spare room to become a baby room, while others need to renovate a room and make it more children – friendly.

It’s natural that every parent wants what is best for their child. Therefore, often for months before the baby arrives, a small room has already been prepared, painted in beautiful colors, with matching furniture and decorations.

The ideal option is to allocate a separate room for the newborn from the beginning. If you do not have enough room in your house, you may want to consider an alternative arrangement for a small space just inside the master bedroom. But you have to keep in mind that besides the bed, the little will need a separate wardrobe for clothes, a changing table and possibly a dresser with drawers for toys and baby accessories.

Lighting and other decorative elements for the baby room

Regardless of the sex of the baby, use in decorating and painting the room walls bright colors and pastel shades. Excessive white is not recommended due to its quality of reflecting light. Color splashes, in moderation, can be added with the help of accessories and decorative elements: lighting, bedding, carpets, curtains, wall shelves, boxes for storing toys, etc.

To develop children’s senses of touch and vision it’s important to use in decorating their rooms objects of different textures and colors.

Regarding lighting fixtures, remember that babies sleep more hours a day. So you can install a set of blinds on the windows, which mitigate bright light during the day. Another option is the installation of blackout curtains.

Babies spend the first months of life in their own beds, most often facing up. Therefore, we should not place a chandelier or ceiling lights right above the crib, because the light source can ruin a child’s sleep.

Overnight it might be very useful to have a night light, which will allow you to supervise your baby’s sleep.

Decorative ideas for the baby room

You already know the sex of your future child? If you do, it means that you already know what colors would suit the decor of the room you are going to renovate. Usually, boys parents choose shades like blue, gray – blue, lime, white, orange and even red for the room and for girls the most popular colors are pink, purple, purple and other pastel shades.

An unusual proposal is painting a wall with paint that offers a black chalkboard effect. Although dramatic black has nothing in common with a child’s room, if you think ahead, you have already prepared a wall for practicing drawing and calligraphy, for when the child gets older.

If you are among the parents who prefer to keep the mystery of child’s sex until birth and think that’s why you can’t renovate a room in time, it’s not the case. There are so many possibilities for arranging a unisex room for a baby, that you have many choices. Use neutral shades of lime green, yellow, orange, cream or white for walls and furniture, choosing combinations which can then be paired with decorations and accessories in shades of blue and pink, if you want to personalize the room more.

And if you are to become a parent of a girl and a boy simultaneously, ie parent of twins, you will have to renovate the room in order to represent each of them. You can do this either visually dividing the room in two, using different colors or customizing the space next to each bed with different pictures or decorative accessories. A cool idea is hanging above each bed photographs or writing the children’s names with colorful decorative letters.

What furniture pieces will you need

Besides a crib, a baby needs a changing table, that can be integrated into a dresser with drawers (this option is ideal especially for small spaces), a wardrobe and a chair or a comfortable sofa for parents, knowing that, in the first months, they spend most of their time with the newborn. Besides these pieces of furniture, you can also add to the list a shelf for various trinkets or parenting books that will be joined soon with story books or coloring books for the little ones.

Ideas are many, so you have a choice. Important is to choose, if possible, quality finishes, furniture and accessories that will make your baby’s room not only beautiful, but also safe.

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