Ideas for aging in home remodeling

Simple ideas for aging in place remodeling

One of the latest trends for homeowners, if you may call it a trend, is “aging in place”. This phrase represents the act of living comfortably and safe in one’s own home, regardless of physical ability or age. More than 90% of people in the US want to remain in their own homes as they age, instead of going into retirement homes.

Considering this, aging in place remodeling has become a viable and popular option for homeowners who don’t want to move and leave their homes behind.

Some of the benefits of aging in place include maintaining a sense of independence even in the old age, living in a comfortable environment, felling secure in familiar surroundings and enjoying a home that has been tailored to the specific needs of each person.

What is aging in place remodeling?

Aging in place modifications range from simple to elaborate, such as kitchen or bath remodels to accommodate the changing physical abilities.

When it comes to this type of remodeling, there are no “standard” designs. Just like each person is unique, their home must also be tailored according to their specific needs. Some people have a master bedroom on the first floor, others have it on the second floor, some people have steps at the front door, other have a garage entrance, some people suffer from arthritis, other have problems maintaining their balance. This means that each and every one of them must make the best decisions, considering their current homes, their needs and their budgets.

It’s essential to hire qualified and reputable contractors, as aging in place remodeling is not something that you want to trust someone with so easily.

Ideas for aging in place remodeling

One-floor designs and elevators

Most people opt to live on one floor, as it may seem like the easiest option. This is not always the case. Some single-floor homes have long hallways, therefore if strength is an issue for you, or if walking is difficult, then an elevator is more practical.

Install one that connects important spaces on the floor to the ones on other floors. You will reduce time spent on your feet and you will be able to carry packages, bags and other heavy things easier with an elevator.

The disadvantages of installing an elevator is that it will take a lot of space, thus making it not suitable for any type of home and the costs are quite high.

Widened doors

Widened doors are useful to accommodate walkers and wheelchairs, or people who struggle with mobility issues. Wider doors also allow two people to cross at the same time, which is better if you need someone to help you walk.

The challenges of altering doors include carrying the structural load from roofs or floors above the door, rerouting wires of mechanical systems in the walls and patching the floor space where walls used to be.

Stair glides

Stair glides are one of the most common elements of aging in place remodeling. The most basic chair lift can be expensive. Custom units for stairs with turns and landings car run even higher in terms of price.

Glides are helpful for people with heart conditions or bad knees, but they are not recommended for people who have hip problems or who are not able to maintain their balance in a seated position.

Shower modifications

Built-in shower seats are increasing in popularity, but most of them are used to prop up your foot because they are placed too far from the controls and the showerhead. A movable seat is a more convenient option, because you can adjust the placement to your needs, or you can completely remove it when you need the available space.

Lastly, shower doors, regardless if sliding doors or swinging doors may block either the opening or the solid grips on the wall. Although it’s not as fancy, consider replacing shower doors with simple shower curtains.

These are just some of the ideas that you can use for aging in place remodeling, but you can easily plan your own home remodeling project. We, at Good Deal Remodeling make it our purpose to ensure all our customers’ satisfaction. You just think about what you would like and we will provide the best solutions for your home remodeling project. Furthermore, you can request a free estimate to help you make the best decision.