small bedroom renovation

Simple tips for a small bedroom renovation

Do you think about the fact that your little bedroom has more space than just for a bed? Even if you have the impression that a small bedroom is not very likely to become a comfortable and practical space, you can turn it into a completely new room if you decide to do a bedroom renovation using some simple tips.

Small bedrooms can be tricky to renovate. However, there are some tricks that help you obtain amazing results in terms of comfort and aesthetics.

Take some inspiration from hotel rooms

Most hotels and bad & breakfast facilities have small rooms and it happens that many times customers don’t even notice this aspect, due to the interior decoration. The best tip is to opt for a bed with a padded headboard, lavish plush covers and plenty of pillows. All these elements create a luxurious setting, just lime in like 5 * hotels.

Another thing you should consider is eliminating all things that are unnecessary in the bedroom. No knick-knacks, no excessive decorative items. As for storing option, you can easily replace a large closet with a smaller chest of drawers and use additional space in your home to store all the items that you don’t often use.

Build around the headboard

The next step for a successful small bedroom renovation is to get creative with storage spaces. Because space does not allow you a lot, a solution you have at your fingertips is the wall above the bed. It can be used to places some shelves close to the ceiling. Choose the bed, bedding and shelves above the bed in light colors. You can create a contrast with pillows and decorative objects in bright colors like royal blue. Don’t use more than two colors, because it creates the impression of a crowded space. Instead, the wall behind the bead can become the main focal point of the bedroom.

Opt for multi-functional beds

Choose a bed containing storage space under the bed frame. Beds with drawers are the most practical and help save you a lot of space. Choose a bed not only with a long drawer, but with drawers in front and on the side. That way you can keep things organized in your bedroom and you will make the most from the space you have available. It’s better to invest in a custom made bed having all these little extras incorporated, rather than having to find storage solutions, which can be much more expensive.

Apply wallpaper on just a wall

Wallpaper can be a great idea, as you want to add a touch of personality. Opt for striped wallpaper for the wall behind the bed. It will create the illusion of longer space. You can paint the rest of the walls, or, if you already have wallpaper, maybe it’s time to consider replacing it with a new one. In time, color may fade or there may be some tears and scratches. If you’re already in the middle of a bedroom renovation, make repairs and replacements wherever it’s necessary.

Add key décor items

Even if some interior decorations only make the room seem crowded, in fact, if some items are carefully chosen, they can turn the room into a comfortable and stylish space. Choose key objects that you can place on the wall, above the bed or on the bedside. For example, you could opt for a fluffy rug to put on the edge of the bed. It will make the bedroom more comfortable and inviting.

Needless to say, you should always make some room for personal items, such as framed photos, paintings or other items that have a personal value, because it helps add some personality to the bedroom and make it your own space.

Choose a handleless closet

Closets with sliding doors are best suited for small bedrooms. They don’t need space to open and close the door and their simplicity will increase the aesthetic appearance of the bedroom. Choose a closet with glossy sliding doors or even one with mirrors, as the reflexes will create the appearance of extra space in a small bedroom.

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