The Best Vanity Options For Your Half Bath

The Best Vanity Options For Your Half Bath

Your half bath typically doubles as your guest bathroom so decorating it properly is a must. Adding a vanity to that part of your home is one way to instantly make it more functional. So, what type of vanity makes sense for a half-bathroom? Check out the suggestions we detailed below and see how well they fit your budget and design scheme.

Work With Your Half Bath’s Irregular Layout

You may have built your half-bathroom long after your home’s initial construction. Because of that, your half bathroom has an irregular layout that doesn’t mesh well with all fixtures. In that scenario, installing a corner vanity makes a lot of sense.

Corner vanities can be positioned in ways that allow them to squeeze into tight openings. They don’t provide a ton of space, but they can still fulfill the purpose of a vanity quite well. From a design perspective, corner vanities can also introduce some visual intrigue and bring together the half bathroom’s overall look.

Installing a corner vanity can be tricky. Enlist the help of a contractor that specializes in small bathroom renovations in South Jersey if you want your corner vanity set in position properly.

Maximize Your Available Space With A Floating Vanity

Similar to a corner vanity, a floating vanity is also a useful fixture because it doesn’t take up a lot of space. This type of vanity saves space because it doesn’t have any legs, making it a great choice for any small bathroom renovations in Montgomery County, PA. You mount it directly on the wall and it will stay fixed in that position. Moving around in your half bathroom is easier because the vanity doesn’t serve as an obstruction.

Topless Vanities Allow You To Get More Creative 

Perhaps you have a half bathroom that is a bit on the larger side. With all that space available, you can get a bit more creative with your décor. Instead of installing a space-saving vanity, you can opt for a topless vanity in that situation.

Because topless vanities aren’t bundled with sinks, they can be more versatile in terms of design. Manufacturers can fashion them out of different materials and they can also have more fun with how they look.

Leave the installation of your topless vanity up to the top contractor that specializes in bathroom renovations to ensure that it is done correctly.

Use A Pedestal Sink 

Finally, you can also use a pedestal sink as your makeshift half-bathroom vanity if you’re lacking space. It also works if you want an addition that pairs well with your minimalist design scheme. The pedestal sink doesn’t offer much in the way of space, but you can still put essential items on it.

Quickly Install Your Desired Half-Bathroom Vanity Today

No matter which half-bathroom vanity option you prefer, you must entrust its installation to the experts. Contact us at Good Deal Remodeling today and let us properly set your new half-bathroom vanity in place!