guest bathroom tips

Tips and ideas for the guest bathroom

The guest bathroom is the ideal place for design experiments if you plan to remodel this space. You always wanted to have an all-black wall or all the walls covered with floral wallpaper? In the guest bathroom, you can try it. If you don’t like it, the renovation effort stays within an affordable budget and a small room like the guest bathroom can always use some remodeling.

Nevertheless, in order to be able to present a nice bathroom to your guests, meaningful planning is important in advance. Therefore, take a little time to know what you would like to have in the guest bathroom and how the room should look like in the end.

Preliminary considerations for the guest bathroom remodeling

The dream of having a beautiful guest bathroom should not be something you can’t achieve with a little work. The first step would, therefore, be to be aware of the premises. First, go to the guest bathroom and measure it or study the floor plan drawings, so you know how much space is available at all. So it’s important where the window and door are located and also the location of the water pipes is essential for the planning. This is the only way you can plan and think about how to arrange bathroom and the sanitary fixtures in a logical way. An important role is also played by the wiring for a ceiling light or for a light source above the sink.

But individual details are also important in the bathroom. If you want a large mirror over the sink with space for make-up, a toilet brush attached to the wall where should you also cram a garbage bin in? These questions should also be thought thoroughly if you plan what to include and what to leave out for the guest bathroom.

Guest bathroom set up: vanity and furniture

Let’s start with the basics: the more space is available, the larger and more extensive may, of course, the bathroom furniture be. If there is less space, you should rather avoid it – otherwise, the room seems to be cramped.

However, you should not refrain from using the following items which belong to the basic set up of each guest bathroom:

  • A toilet – including a paper holder and a toilet brush set
  • A sink with a towel rack and a small garbage bin
  • A mirror
  • A shelf, a door hook and other storage options
  • A small cabinet – if you have enough space, to store some toilet paper supplies and spare towels.

Especially with sinks, you can save a lot of space. There are various models, especially for small bathrooms, which hardly take up space or can even be installed as a space-saving corner solution.

Walls in the guest bathroom – tiles, wallpaper, and paint

As mentioned at the beginning, there are hardly any limits in the design of the guest bathroom. This is especially true for color. The smaller a bath, the stronger the color can be. Bright colors – especially blue, yellow or green make the bathroom look fresh and modern. Dark colors or earthy and brown tones, on the other hand, are associated with well-being.

However, do yourself a favor if you don’t use paint: tiles, sinks or sanitary fixtures look good in neutral colors or in white even years later – colored models, on the other hand, can often look old-fashioned if the trends change. Therefore, paint should always be used in the guest bathroom on items that can be quickly repaired or changed. You can also opt for dark colors if used right. You can visually expand small spaces if edges and lines are faded.

For fixed elements such as tiles, a guest bathroom offers a huge advantage: there are much less wall and floor space to cover. If therefore, in the master bathroom you avoid certain types of tile due to costs, in the guest bathroom, you can splurge. Treat yourself with luxury items here. Especially in a small guest bathroom, high-quality tiles enhance the space enormously.

Lighting in the guest bathroom

Also in terms of light, a special light is important for the guest bathroom. Instead of a single ceiling light, however, multiple light sources around the mirror are preferable. Due to the lateral arrangement, they spread a more pleasant light and thanks to reflection also make the room appear larger. In addition to the creative effects, such a light is also more practical.

A shower in the guest bathroom – is that possible?

If you have bigger children in your family or would like to ensure your guests are perfectly comfortable when staying overnight, you should think about a guest bathroom with shower. Often this can be easily accommodated in a new house by small changes in the floor plan if it was not already planned anyway. Such an additional shower facility in the guest bathroom not only improves the comfort of guests but also in the family bathroom, when there’s a busy morning and everybody needs to use the bathroom.

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