renovations before selling

Top 5 Renovations That Will Get Your Home Sold Fast

When it comes time to sell your home, you will likely have to do some sprucing up, invest in some improvements, and make repairs to get the house sold expeditiously. This isn’t the time to build a giant addition that might not bring you the best return on your investment. It might be better to concentrate on the condition of the home and things that might come up in the inspection report. Let’s explore 5 things you can do right away to help sell your home.

1. Curb Appeal

First impressions are everything. You won’t sell your home if you can’t entice potential buyers to walk in the front door if the exterior is unsightly.

Repair any defects in the driveway by adding gravel or resurfacing the asphalt. Fix walkways by leveling the masonry and weeding between joints. Clean up gardens and plant some flowers. Power wash wood decks and porches. Give the house a fresh coat of paint if it is peeling.

2. Declutter & Organize

The next step is to remove clutter and organize the house. Home buyers often express concern if a house has an excess of clutter both inside and out. It is hard for people to envision the potential for a space if they can’t see the floor or the yard. They also might be wondering what is beneath those piles.

This is the time to clean and donate. For some of us that is not easy. Tackle one area at time and commit to the process. Your local veteran’s organization or Goodwill can take stuff that is in good shape. The public library will accept used books. Yard sales and eBay can earn you a little income. If all else fails, call a professional organizer to help you clean up.

3. Window Replacement

You really can’t go wrong with upgrading your older windows with energy efficient ones. This improvement will offer a solid return on investment. Your home will be free of drafts and utility costs will be lower. The buyer may ask for current heating and cooling estimates. Be ahead of that question.

4. Address Odors and Allergens

We can’t express enough how off-putting the smell of mildew, dust, and pets can be to a buyer.

You won’t regret hiring professionals to remediate any mold or mildew and make the appropriate repairs to interior finishes and substrates. It also pays to have ductwork cleaned of any allergens. If the home has carpeting, definitely get that cleaned with a rotary shampooer and extraction machine. Rent your own or hire a service.

5. Refresh Kitchens and Bathrooms

It is not uncommon for new homeowners to want to start kitchen and bathroom remodeling in Philadelphia for their recently purchased home. That said, they are generally looking for these rooms to be bright, clean, and completely functional while they take months or even years to plan their renovations.

Work with a qualified remodeling contractor to do the necessary upgrades. Swap laminate countertops out for quartz or another solid surface. Give the cabinets a new coat of paint or stain. Replace broken appliances and plumbing fixtures with affordable ones that function properly. Regrout or replace tile surfaces. Consider upgrading dated light fixtures to LED.

If you are planning on selling your home, it is a good idea to have a professional do a walk-through of the house and grounds to give you an idea of what you might be able to do to improve the value. This can give you a better perspective on the areas that are best to address.