Remodeling ideas - bar at home

Useful tips for adding a bar into your home

If you intend to dedicate a space in your home to build a bar in a unique design, around which you can spend time with friends or watch a football game, you need to start from a few basic ideas to start your new remodeling project.

It that may not seem the kind of idea to adopt at first, but if you have a house with a spacious basement or attic, you have no reason not to consider this alternative of creating an excellent place for socialization.

Your friends will feel great at home, and if you are like and who likes to welcome guests and be an exemplary host, this idea certainly is to your liking.

There are many reasons why someone wants a bar at home and at the top of the list being its convenience. For some people it’s hard to leave the house, because they feel more comfortable at home, or they don’t have time to do it, so that an own bar is ideal to enjoy some relaxing moments. Accessibility is another reason people choose to build a bar. Moreover, the safety of a bar at home helps you control your alcohol consumption prevents you from driving from local bars or it can even save your life when you decide to get behind the wheel after having consumed a few drinks. Okay, the last one is a little over exaggerated, but you get the point.

What theme should you choose for a bar?

Before you buy the materials needed to build the bar, you need to think what kind of style you prefer: traditional, contemporary or a combination of both. You can add, of course, new elements, depending on personal preferences. It’s important to start from a design scheme, from which you can subsequently build and add details. The accessories you choose and the atmosphere they create, depending on the space available, will give uniqueness to your bar. For example, you can try one of the following styles:

Sports bar: is a type of bar that you can use when you watch your favorite games or around which you relax after you have finished a bar game. So it’s very suitable to add to the decor a TV, a billiard table, a dart table or whatever else gets into the mood of a classic sports bar.

Casino – themed bar: that will delight certainly your guests and in this case as accessories you can choose a strobe light, a poker table, or even a giant ruler.

Where should you build a bar at home?

The bar is located, usually in the living room or near the dining room or the kitchen. It’s a semi-open space, serving as a place of relaxation and conversation. Size and shape of the bar will be chosen based on available space and owner’s preferences. Existing models on the market are available in a wide range.

Another important aspect that you need to consider is your budget. This is an important factor in choosing the components of the bar: thus, you can store drinks in a cold room or you can opt for a simple refrigerator. You can have a sink inside the bar, connected to a water source or use the nearest kitchen to wash dirty glasses. All these details make a big difference and should be carefully planned before you go on with the remodeling.

Other things to keep in mind, asides from style, theme, location and budget are color (in harmony with the color scheme of the house or room where the bar is located), accessories and the beverage stock.

Arranging a modern bar is not very expensive, and if you consider all the benefits and money you’ll save by not going out so often in bars, this seems like a great idea, especially if you have the extra space.

Have fun! You deserve it!

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