walk-in shower

Walk-in shower – a modern approach to a small bathroom renovation

If you plan to renovate the bathroom and want to optimize the bathroom space, then a walk-in shower can be the right solution.

Surely you are familiar with those classic shower cabins, bulky, with doors that are deteriorating or difficult to clean, sometimes requiring dismantling. You can forget all these shortcomings with a walk-in shower.

This type of shower is actually a shower but without a tub and even without doors. The delimitation is generally done through a secure glass screen. Practically, there is only tile and the shower, and the water drips directly through the floor.

Walk-in showers are versatile and are suitable for any type of bathroom. In addition, they are even recommended for small bathrooms, being very easy to integrate. Comfortable, functional and modern, these shower solutions are preferred by designers, especially where there is little room, or for setting up a guest bathroom where a shower is enough. Even for master bathroom, you can opt for a walk-in shower instead of a bathtub or a shower cabin if you want to have more space or more light.

Despite appearances, such a bathroom solution occupies less space than the classic shower cabin, which is usually semi-circular with sliding doors. Thus, the bathroom looks more airy and more spacious. You can also benefit from an aesthetically point of view, with this minimal, modern design.

If you want to delimit the perimeter of the shower cabin, you can build a threshold. If the glass partition is not something you are keen on, you can also use a different version, with one or two masonry walls.

A few things to consider regarding walk-in showers

To prevent any unwanted accidents, you need a perfect functioning water drainage system either through a classic canal or through a gutter. In the case of a gutter, the drainage is long, so water does not accumulate in one area, like in the case of usual drains. You should always use the services of a professional plumber who has experience in installing this type of shower.

In addition, a gradient drain of several millimeters will be needed to ease the flow of water. This must be taken into account even from pile casting or tile installation.

Because you’re going to step directly on the floor tile, remember that a glossy finish can become quite slippery. You can avoid this by choosing tile with a matte or anti-skid surface. Also, you could place a non-slip rug on the surface exposed to water for added safety.

It is necessary for the floor to be waterproof, then tiled, creating the slope to the new stainless steel siphon. A small curb can be built to delimit the shower area from the rest of the bath. To close this area using glass it is advisable to request the assistance of specialists in renovation and remodeling that will take the necessary measurements, process the glass and install it with stainless steel elements. The glass must be secured, treated and fitted with a gasket for a tight seal.

It is important to waterproof the bathroom properly (the floor and the shower walls). You can use a special, easy-to-apply solution for pools, and rubber band for corners and joints.

A walk-in shower is much easier to clean than a classic shower cabin. A window cleaning product is required, and for tile it is sufficient to disinfect the floor surface like you would usually do.

Regarding disadvantages, the most import one that should be considered is humidity. In a shower cabin, you can close the doors and make sure you don’t get as much water and steam in the bathroom. In the case of walk-in showers, moisture and heat will go into the bathroom. On the other hand, it is the same as with bath tubs. So it’s not a new issue. It can be solved by opening a window or by installing a stronger fan for ventilation, where there are not enough windows or any at all.

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