wall painting tips

Wall painting tips for beginners

Some people are planning their summer vacation, while others paint their homes. For the latter we have the best tips to paint your home like a pro.

Painting your home on your own is currently easier than it was 10 years ago. Paints and materials have considerably improved over the years and you have many options available, so numerous fears about painting have disappeared. You can even paint your house for the first time, without leaving a terrible disaster behind you. If you deiced to try painting on your own, these tips for painting the house will come in very handy.

Choosing the color for your walls

The most important step that you have to overcome is the time to choose the color and type of paint. In terms of color it’s important to examine various samples until you decide on the colors you’re ready to see all day for at least a couple of years.

Do not decide at first, choose, looking for solutions and trying to find the perfect colors. The color of the walls must be in accordance with the style of your house, with the furniture and it should be something pleasant on the eye. Keep in mind that the color evaluation should be done in a sunny day, using only natural light. The shades vary greatly if exposed to artificial light or if you looked at them on days when it’s cloudy outside.

One important tip that you should also have in mind is not using just one color throughout the house. It’s not completely wrong to use a single color, but a house comes to life with color and two colors do more than one. Choose colors from the same color palette, play with colors and make color combinations. You’ll find your favorite ones. Keep in mind that a light color will visually dominate space, and a darker one will create powerful accents.  For the ceiling, you can use a darker shade to obtain a more inviting interior and a lighter one to create a sense of airy space.

Don’t fear about “unusual” color combinations and don’t address the issue of color by canons and rules. Imagination and your joy in front of a color or a combination is everything that counts.

Wall painting techniques

Document yourself and do tests on various painting techniques. This is one of the best tips on how to paint your home that you could get. There is stenciling, streaked painting, modulation or antique finishes. Check finishing methods and learn them. They are very important.

Establish how much paint you need and, if you use colored paint, remember the color code to be able to prepare it or buy it again, if you need more. A general rule says that a flat surface, usually requires about three liters of paint for every 12 square meters. The number of layers that you will paint multiplies the amount.

One of the very good techniques, especially for light colors is to apply a thin white coat underneath. Your walls will look more bright and colorful.

Another important tip for painting is to clean the walls. The best solution is a little dishwashing detergent and some water. It removes dirt, dust and grease. Repair cracks, crevices and uneven tracks with plaster, then, after it dries, smooth it out  with sandpaper. Paint only when the walls are perfectly repaired, clean and dry.

Protect your furniture

Gather the furniture in the center of the room and protect it with a cloth. Some use plastic, but it’s not recommended. In the room where you paint, there’s much moisture and the furniture covered with plastic will become foggy and have some stains.

Use adhesive tape to delineate areas near the surfaces that will be painted: the window frames, switches, skirting, door frame, ceiling. It doesn’t tale long and it’s easier to get rid of the mess after you’re done.

We hope you’ll find these tips useful, but we would also like to remind you that if you’re in need of a good and reliable contractor in Philadelphia and in the area, we offer great home remodeling services, from bathroom and kitchen remodel, to sidings, flooring and everything in between. Don’t hesitate to contact us to request your free estimate.