type of flooring for the hallway

What type of flooring should you choose for the hallway?

Being a heavy-traffic area in our homes, the hallway needs a durable, low-maintenance floor that is suited to the style used for the entire layout of the house. Let’s see what options there are and what type of floor should you choose for the hallway if you want to renovate your home.

Before you think about what kind of material you will use, consider what effect you want to obtain. You can have basically two situations: one in which you integrate the design of the hallway into the concept created by a unitary approach or, on the contrary, outlining a high impact area, but in the same note of the style that you have thought for the entire house. For example, if your home renovation follows a modern design line, the hallway should not make a discordant note by having a rustic approach or any other stylistic option.

To highlight the hallway layout, you can choose other types of material than what you have used for the rest of the rooms. If there is hardwood in the living room, you can use tile that has a similar color or, on the contrary, in a contrasting color to highlight the passage between spaces. We recommend that in small homes you opt for floor continuity. Thus, you will not fragment the available space too much. The hardwood floor in the living room can also be used for the hall or the kitchen tile can be the same as in the hallway, especially if you have an open space.

From the finishing point of view, quality should take priority regardless of your choice. The hallway is exposed to intense movement, often with dirt that you inevitably bring from the outside. Therefore, you should use materials that are durable, resistant to scratches or abrasion, anti-slip (avoid glossy tiles!), anti-absorbing and lastly easy to clean and maintain.

Sandstone flooring for the hallway

Sandstone is among the most popular variants for the hallway. It comes in a wide variety of colors, patterns and sizes that easily adapt to any desired style of decoration. You can also use natural stone, but the cost will be higher, and you will have to take into consideration having a more expensive maintenance.

Epoxy resin flooring for the hallway

Another option is epoxy resin flooring that works great in space that have an industrial style. They can be integrated into loft spaces, in studios or apartments, and not just for flooring in the hallway, but even throughout the house.

Double or triple layer wood flooring for the hallway

Excellent options are installing a double layer or even triple layer wood flooring double layer or triple. Although there are drawbacks in terms of wear and moisture that could affect it over time, it is important to choose the right type of wood; a strong, resilient essence is required and the appropriate treatment must be applied if you want to use it in that area. Usually, exotic, well-oiled essences will turn the hallway space into a welcoming area. Of course, you also have the choice of laminated boards that involve a low cost have a shorter life span.

Polished concrete flooring for the hallway

Concrete is a low maintenance material, which makes it perfect for the hallway. Polished concrete is one of the smartest choices for this area, because it has an excellent ability to withstand wear and tear. You can choose from several options, such as stamped concrete, etched concrete, tinted concrete or acid-stained concrete, depending on the type of look you’re going for. Some options are better suitable for commercial buildings rather than for private property.

Tile flooring for the hallway

Tile flooring is probably the most common option for a hallway because it’s easy to clean and to maintain and if you need to replace it, the costs are lower compared to other options. The greatest advantage of tile is that you have so many colors and patterns to choose from.

Hardwood flooring for the hallway

For many, hardwood is a pain to maintain so you probably don’t consider having it installed in the hallway, but it’s actually a pretty good option because it’s very durable. It can get scratched or have dents, but only if you’re not making sure to protect it with specific finishes and treatments that can prevent such problems.

No matter what type of renovation project you have in mind, you can trust the Good Deal Remodeling team. We will help you make the best choices depending on the budget available and the complexity of the renovation project you have in mind. Just get in touch with us and we will make sure to present you with the best solution.