kitchen remodel mistakes

10 Don’ts to avoid in kitchen remodel

In order to create a pleasant and fully functional space in the kitchen, you should avoid some mistakes when it comes to kitchen remodel.

The kitchen is more than the space where you prepare food, it’s the space where the whole family gathers for a meal and to spend time together, where you relax over a cup of tea or coffee or even where you receive your guests. Therefore, the way you arrange this room should be both functional and aesthetically appealing.

1. Don’t block the access to the kitchen appliances

Design specialists call the space between the sink, stove and refrigerator the “kitchen triangle”. This space is the area where most kitchen activities take place and it requires a greater mobility. Of the three elements, the sink is where you spend most of your time. You should have easy access to the refrigerator and the stove, as well as some available workspaces. If your sink is not located in the right place, you can move the water pipes to save you some space and to allow you to use your kitchen properly.

2.Don’t forget about storage spaces

By their nature, kitchens must house many things, from food to food preparation utensils and increasingly more appliances. Finding a place for all of them while keeping them handy can be a difficult task. This is a mission that can become much easier, if you plan ahead. If your kitchen is small, you can opt for higher or suspended kitchen cabinets, or you  can use the empty space above the ordinary cabinets, where you can place boxes with things you don’t use frequently. Another option is to place a cupboard above the refrigerator. In the cabinets at the bottom of the worktop, you can put shelves to create some extra storage space.

3.Don’t forget about workspaces

One of the most common problems is the lack of kitchen design workspaces. Considering all activities require a workspace and some appliances must sit on top of the countertop, it would be logical to include as many flat surfaces as possible in the kitchen. In an L-shaped kitchen, this can be done by adding a small bar or an island.

4.Don’t ignore lighting fixtures

The kitchen is a room where you can’t afford to have poor lighting. It’s not just a matter of design, but also one of safety, especially when it comes to handling utensils for food preparation. In the kitchen, you should take into account each work area and to think about how to make sure you have all the light you need. The sink or the stove, for example are areas in the kitchen where it’s absolutely necessary to have enough light, and you can add a few spots in cupboards to have more brightness above the countertop.

5.Don’t forget about kitchen tiles

If you plan a kitchen remodel and you feel tempted to cut the costs of easy washable kitchen tiles or other materials, you should think twice. Avoiding this mistake is important for the future. The walls behind the stove, the sink and workspaces certainly need a “special treatment”. Cleaning tiles will always be easier and cheaper than a new paint job.

6.Don’t neglect proper ventilation

Even the most beautiful kitchen is not enough if you don’t have enough ventilation. A proper ventilation system is extremely important in a room where smell and water can become a problem. By having a ventilation system you can prolong the life of kitchen appliances, by eliminating steam resulted from food preparation.

7.Don’t choose the wrong kitchen island

When you consider the installation of an island in the kitchen, think about the extra work space and storage offered by such a solution. But choosing an inappropriate piece of furniture, or placing it in a wrong way you can end up wasting space. An island should never block access to the “kitchen triangle”, so consider the size of your kitchen before deciding to opt for a kitchen island.

8.Don’t forget about recycling

If you want to think about the environment, start with your own kitchen. Replace the old trash bins with a modern one, having more compartments to help you sort out your trash.

9.Don’t exaggerate with design trends

Although it’s not necessarily a mistake to opt for the latest design ideas or kitchen equipment, it’s not always the best choice. That’s because seasonal trends usually have a short life and it’s not always worth it to make such investments.

10.Don’t neglect professional advice

Even though your new kitchen should fit your personal preferences and taste, it’s always best to plan a kitchen remodel with professionals that are experienced working in this field. On the long term, it will save you more time and money, because they will tell you exactly what you can or can’t do, which materials must be more expensive or where you can save some money.

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