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10+ ideas for the perfect kitchen island

A kitchen island is a practical element in the kitchen, but also a design element that gives the room a special feel. Kitchen islands best fit in open-space kitchens and facilitate meal preparation, as you can incorporate various household appliances such as the oven or the hob as well as the sink into the kitchen island. In addition, you can use the kitchen island as a dining space.

There are many ways you can set up a kitchen island, from traditional or modern design to those with different color schemes to serve as a décor element in the kitchen.

If you are thinking of installing a kitchen island, you can find your inspiration in some of the ideas below.

1.Kitchen islands with built-in appliances

To make your kitchen space more efficient, you can choose to incorporate home appliances and a sink into the kitchen island. Thus, you will have everything at your fingertips when you cook and prepare your meals.

2.Kitchen islands with dining spaces

Instead of opting for a simple kitchen table, you can choose to use this area as a dining space with your family or friends. Especially if you have a nice countertop, it can become a very beautiful space to entertain guests.

3.Rustic kitchen islands

They serve the same functions, for meal preparation and as dining spaces, but you can opt for natural materials, such as wood and stone. Of course, it’s important to integrate this style with the rest of your kitchen, so you can’t install a rustic kitchen island in a modern or industrial style kitchen because the two different styles will clash.

4.Small kitchen islands

If you don’t have a spacious kitchen or you simply don’t want to place a large kitchen island in the center of the room, you can choose one of a smaller size. It can be used as a dining space when necessary and for meal preparation in general.

5.Modern kitchen islands

For a modern kitchen, you can opt for a large variety of materials, including stainless steel, which has become very popular recently because it’s easy to maintain and is water damage resistant.

6.Provence style kitchen islands

This type of furniture adds a touch of refinement to any room and is an ideal choice for the kitchen. The white color is the ideal choice for the Provence style kitchen islands.

7.Scandinavian style kitchen islands

They are the ideal choice for simple and modern kitchens. Place a few plant pots on the countertop of the kitchen island and black chairs for contrast and you’ll get the perfect look for a modern kitchen.

8.Colorful kitchen islands

To add a touch of color in the kitchen, you can opt for a bold, colorful island an you will create a playful design for the room that is often called the heart of the home.

9.Kitchen islands with storage space above

Choose to use the space above the kitchen island to mount a shelf for glasses or even pots and pans that you use on regular basis.

10.Kitchen islands with storage space below

If you want to make the most of the space you allocate for the kitchen island, you can choose to install one with drawers where you can store dishes and cooking utensils.

11.Kitchen islands with separate dining area

Another creative idea for the kitchen island is to separate the dining area completely, with extra space where you can store your seats so that they don’t occupy space in the kitchen.

12.Minimalist kitchen islands

If you want a minimalist style kitchen, choose a simple design for the kitchen island as well, for example in various black and white combinations.

13.Luxury kitchen islands

For added refinement in the kitchen, you can choose to decorate it with solid wood furniture. The kitchen island can be in light or dark colors, and on top of it you can mount a few small chandeliers.

As long as the kitchen is well organized, the kitchen island will become the central element that will enhance the efficiency and functionality of the work space. If you plan to have a kitchen island in your home, or if you want to remodel your kitchen completely, the Good Deal Remodeling team is ready to help you fulfill your dream. Our team is dedicated and experienced in kitchen remodeling projects, as well as bathroom remodeling and other types of remodeling projects for your home. Take a look at our Facebook page for more photos and customer reviews.