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10 signs it’s time for a kitchen remodel

The kitchen is where we spend most of our time and it’s no wonder, if we think that it takes, on average, 2 hours and 8 minutes a day to prepare meals and then clean dishes. Time spent here not only depends on what you choose to cook, but also how functional your kitchen is.

We all would love to have a kitchen that does not lack anything and is designed according to the latest trends in interior design. But a kitchen remodel is a serious investment, so it’s important to know when the project can no longer be postponed and it’s time to rethink the arrangement of this space. Here are the signs that show you it’s an ideal time for a kitchen remodel:

1.Furniture drawers often crash

Wood furniture is a subject to change over the years. Moisture and heat can make it swell and drawers are not as easy to open as before, so you spend several minutes trying to unlock them. To fix them is not an option, especially if the furniture is old and damaged. The best solution is to replace it with quality kitchen cabinets that will not cost you a lot.

2.The shelves are falling apart

When a rack is not perfectly fixed to the wall or furniture, it can turn into a real danger to your family. The screws come loose over time, and if you have the habit of putting on more weight on it than you should, you really need to replace the shelves or to make sure they are more stable.

3.Ceramic tiles are broken or cracked

To replace ceramic tiles is a chore for many and is one of the reasons why so many people delay the kitchen remodel. But when they are old, are broken or are full of cracks, you will not feel as comfortable in the kitchen and you will start to apologize to guests every time you invite them for a coffee.

4.The kitchen design is not practical

The ideal kitchen arrangement to maximize its functionality is to respect the “work triangle” pattern. This means to arrange the furniture to create a triangle and by its heads you will install the stove, sink and refrigerator. This design pattern helps you avoid crowded spaces and streamline cooking in the kitchen, so you don’t waste time by having to interrupt your work.

5.The space is crowded and it’s hard to get work done

When you hit the foot of the table, chairs or drawers at every turn, it means that your kitchen is too crowded and that it’s time to rethink its arrangement. Carefully analyze the space and determine whether there are things that you could give up. Maybe you need a folding table, which will occupy less room, or some folding chairs that you a put away when you don’t need them.

6. The sink often is clogged

On the sink, pipes are often submitted to leftovers and limestone, and the result is that it takes several minutes to unclog them . It’s a waste of time and it can be frustrating, especially when you have numerous dishes to wash or you’re in a hurry to prepare some food.

7.The kitchen countertop is damaged

The countertop is undoubtedly the most used surface from your kitchen, so it’s no surprise that it deteriorates at a faster pace. Of course, you can replace it, but it might be difficult to find one that matches the rest of the furniture.

8.You lack storage space

When did you first set up the kitchen, you did not have as many pots, jars and cooking utensils, so storage space was never a deciding factor. As your kitchen is getting more crowded, it’s time to think about smart storage solutions. For small spaces, shelves or racks arranged vertically are the best solution and you can make them look gorgeous if you paint them in a color that beautifully compliments the rest of the kitchen.

9.Your kitchen is too dark

A kitchen should be a place where you entertain guests and get loads of energy, and the best way to do this is to paint the room in a cheerful color. So you better put in value natural light, and for the evening, choose some lighting that provides the necessary light without straining your eyes.

10.Appliances are broken or worn

When the refrigerator is not working properly, the oven burns food, the stove hood no longer absorbs the steam and smoke as it should, and the food processor makes strange noises when you just plug it in, it’s a sign that you need some new appliances. Modern kitchens offer numerous options for including appliances, to maximize space utilization and not to interfere in any way.

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