all-white kitchen renovation

3 things to consider if you want to have an all-white kitchen

White kitchens are very popular and seem to never go out of style. The classic white fits in any style and is suitable for both a small kitchen and a large one. In addition to the bright space, a white kitchen doesn’t become outdated over time. In addition, you have the option to add some color accent using your favorite bold color, without making it look out of place.

Renovation options are always the most diverse and the variety of products available today will make your mission simpler if you want to have an all-white kitchen. The greatest advantage is certainly the fact that you don’t have to worry about trends that come and go, but there are certainly some aspects that you should take into consideration before you start your kitchen renovation.

1. Pay attention to what your kitchen sink is made of

You can choose the classic stainless steel sink, because there are various models on the market to accommodate all your need. You can also choose between a circular and a rectangular kitchen sink, or you can choose a double sink, which can be as wide as you like, depending on the available space.

Very trendy nowadays are granite sinks because they can look very distinguished and elegant. They are resistant to scratches, stains, heat,therefore they are easy to maintain. In addition, you can find them in a widerange of sizes, shapes and colors. Opt for a black one if you want to implementthe black and white scheme in the kitchen or just want to create some contrast.With a white sink you will also have a safe option, in which case you can havea gray tile countertop or even a wooden one, for a more rustic look.

2. An all-white kitchen requires maintenance

A white kitchen creates a bright and spacious atmosphere. White is clean and is ideal for the kitchen. However, if you like to cook and regularly allocate time for this, you will need to pay a little more attention to the maintenance part.

You will make your mission easier if you put tile in the working area of the countertop, near to the stove and the sink. Ideally it would be to choose colored ceramic tiles instead of white ones because all the grease and food spatters that inevitably come with the cooking will be immediately visible.

You will have to focus on quality furniture; since you will wipe the cabinets more often, and make sure to not choose materials that you can’t clean using cleaning products frequently. Consider MDF furniture instead of chipboard, which is a lot cheaper but it’s not as durable to pass the test of time.

3. Add some color accents to break the white color scheme

Even if you like the idea of an all-white kitchen, perhaps it would be good to add some pops of color here and there. Consider that you might get bored in time if everything around you is white. The beauty of choosing a white kitchen is that it’s very easy to integrate all kinds of accessories and colorful furniture pieces. For example, you can simply add some colorful chairs, without having to worry that they don’t match with the rest of the furniture.

You can also add color spots all over the kitchen by having a colored kitchen countertop, some curtains in a cheerful color, throwing some decorative pillows here and there, some fun kitchen towels, and a colorful carpet on the floor, or simply by displaying colorful plates and pots on open shelves. Just choose a color that you love and use it for some of the kitchen items.

A white kitchen is stylish; it creates the feeling of more space and will offer you a lot of possibilities if you plan a renovation in the near future. Just make sure that you make some wise choices because the kitchen is such an important part of your house.

If you’re considering a kitchen renovation, regardless what type of project you have in mind or what type of materials and colors you want to use, contact the Good Deal Remodeling team and we will be happy to walk you through all the steps and help you make the best decisions.