renovation trends not out of style

5 renovation trends that never go out of style

As in any other field, interior renovation and design trends change from one season to another, so many of the furniture pieces and decorations that we now fit into the “latest rage” category, tomorrow will be just some outdated items that we will want to replace with new ones.

Fortunately, there are some current renovation tendencies that have passed the test of years and you can use them with confidence if you plan to renovate your home, thus avoiding frequent and expensive renovations. To get you started, here are 5 of them:

1.The classic white and black combination

Always fashionable, the combination of the two neutral colors, black and white, can be easily adapted to any style of renovation. It’s true that the winning variant is the classic style or its modern interpretation, or you can choose a Scandinavian style – minimalist and always up-to-date, where anyone can find something they like, regardless of age and lifestyle.

An interior decorated in black and white can be upgraded and refreshed by adding a few decorative elements: abstract paintings, decorative cushions, a carpet, some new curtains or some glass vases. All these are just some accessories that can be changed periodically to refresh the room without spending too much.

2.Minimalist furniture and decorative items

Minimalist and multifunctional furniture will always find its place in any type of space, being especially useful in organization of furniture in small spaces. Heavy  furniture with many incrustations and decorative elements which was often found in old houses and glass cases with varnished fronts in which people used to exhibit their most valuable knick-knacks and crystal sets were long forgotten, being now considered outdated.

From the category of furniture pieces that can find their place in our homes for many years are folding tables, fixed or extendable couches with simple and clean design, decorative shelves, drawer cabinets, coffee tables, etc.

3.Sisal or jute carpets

Even in terms of carpets, trends change from one year to another. Do you still remember the times when most people dreamed of having a heavy rug in the living room? And surely you know the flowery models that invaded the interior design and decoration stores some years ago. And these are just some of the hundreds of carpet models that have been outdated, along with many other decorative elements, pieces of furniture or finishes once coveted by us all.

Instead, natural fiber carpets such as jute or sisal have always been fashionable, suitable for classic and modern interiors or rustic interiors, while being durable and easy to maintain.

4.Linen curtains

By far the easiest to match curtains are those made of linen. When you don’t know what kind of curtains to choose for your living room, bedroom, or for a child’s room, you can count on linen models, and you’ll be happy with the final result. Available in a wide variety of colors, but most often in neutral shades of butter, cream or pale yellow, these simple and yet rich decorative accessories were and will always remain on trend, counting among the most loved decorative elements of designers and interior design specialists of all time.

5.Decorative shelves

Useful, practical and always modern, decorative shelves have the gift to complement the rooms in our homes for decades. Each of us had, at some point at least one shelf that stores all sorts of useful things or decorations in the house.

Shelves are another element of decoration that has been and will always be in the trend, so you can install them in any of the rooms in your house, whether it’s a kitchen, a living room, a bedroom or a bathroom.

Therefore, these small details can make a difference when you decide to renovate your home, especially as there are options that are not at all expensive and you can customize them according to your preferences.

No matter what type of renovation project you have in mind, you can trust the Good Deal Remodeling team. We will help you make the best choices depending on the budget available and the complexity of the renovation project you have in mind. Just get in touch with us and we will make sure to present you with the best solution.