simple home remodeling ideas

5 simple ideas for home remodeling

If you thought it’s time to remodel the exterior of your home, now is the ideal time to do it. With summer just around the corner, it’s much easier to start a home remodeling project, without worrying that rain will ruin your work, the paint will dry out much faster, you will have more time to invest in this type of project and give your home a fresh, new appearance.

A few small changes are enough if you do not want to go into major renovations, so you can use this list with a few ideas to give your home a new look.

1.Repaint the exterior walls

A fresh coat of paint will make every house look like brand-new. Over time, dust and rain make damages to the brightness and freshness of the colors, and if your home was at first an immaculate white, then you already know how much that can change. Before you begin painting, carefully examine the exterior walls and identify small cracks or bumps. These small repairs are done quickly and you will avoid increasing damages over time, not to mention that the paint will be spread out evenly. The paint should be applied in two layers and the second layer is applied perpendicularly to the windows after the first layer has completely dried.

2.Change the roof

If you often have problems with your roof it’s probably because the tiles were incorrectly installed in the first place, or because low quality materials were used. Even the best materials are ineffective if the covers are not fitted well, so it’s best to turn to experienced workers to restore your roof. In terms of materials, it’s best to choose some that are more durable and have a longer lifetime, preferably materials that are also best for waterproofing.

3.Build a porch

For many family homes it’s already a tradition to have a rocking chair on the porch in front of the house, a place for relaxation and meditation. So, if you don’t already have a porch it’s time to build one or to remodel the one you have. If the space and structure of the house allow you to build a porch, it’s not a very complicated project. Use a colorful garden fence to delineate it, and your home will completely change its appearance. On the fence you can hang some flower pots for more color and the added bonus of enjoying their perfume. Wooden floor porches look better, but are more vulnerable to damage, while those with marble or stone are luxurious and easy to clean. However, the choice also depends on the style in which you decorate your home, so first of all, consider this aspect.

4.Upgrade the garden patios

There are a lot of options when it comes to upgrading the patios in your garden. From colored stone, wood, gravel or brick, all can be used to refresh the look of your garden. Maybe you want to bring that rustic mountain style to your yard or, on the contrary, you prefer a modern and functional style. In any case, the pavement is especially valued by what surrounds it, so you must pay special attention to the plants in your garden. For example, an alley with roses looks great paved with wood or a light color that highlights the shades of the flowers around it.

5.Don’t forget about the windows

The first thing you notice when looking at a home is the windows, and the good news is that it’s very easy to give them a new look. Choose to paint the window frames in a color that contrasts strongly with the color of your house or install some colorful shutters that, apart from protecting you from heat in the summer, embellish the look of any house.

These simple but easy-to-use ideas are very practical if you want to remodel your home without opting for complex home remodeling projects or without having to invest too much. But over time, these little additions and repairs will greatly add value to your home and ensure your comfort.

No matter what your plans are, if you intend to have an extensive home remodeling project, to make an addition to your home or just to make some small changes, Good Deal Remodeling is here to help you. You can contact us to tell us about your remodeling plans and we will make sure to offer you the best solutions through our remodeling services.