Closed porch

Exterior remodeling: adding a closed porch to your home

A porch or a closed terrace can be a very beautiful and functional space in addition to your home, if you decide to build it.

A closed porch is perfect for days when you want to stay away from sun or rain, or you simply want to relax in a room much brighter and more airy than the rest of the house. Porches are usually closed, but not necessarily on all sides. However, they’re always covered. Porches are an interesting extension, a place were the space of the house meets the garden.

What should you know about porches?

Before you start the construction, make sure you consult a professional that can help you with a sketch containing all the details you need, in order to avoid mistakes and to follow the legal provisions for constructions. In most cases, even your contractor can help you design the porch and help you put together all the details for a functional space added to your home.

You have to consider if you have enough space, if it fits aesthetically with the rest of your house, or if it doesn’t take too much yard space.

What materials should you use?

The porch can be constructed from wood or aluminum, it can be partially open or closed, depending on the space you have available, on the budget and of course, on personal preferences. Keep in mind that wooden porches require some maintenance work. Every couple of years, you have to painted it, because ot the damage made by the elements.

Regardless of the material you choose, the porch must be in tune with the rest of the house, with its architecture, to give the impression of unity.

It can have roof tin tile that protects against heat and sunlight, a glass roof or a roof made out of polycarbonate plates, if you want to make use of natural light as much as possible.

How to decorate the porch?

Being an additional space to the house, you should keep it simple and decorate it in a minimalist style. Of course, if depends on the purpose you have built it for.

If you want to use it as an entertaining space, to invite your friends over a glass of wine or a cup of coffee, or even to share a meal, you should opt for an extendable table with folding chairs, to help you save some space when you’re not using them.

A TV can liven up the atmosphere on a porch, especially for those who prefer to watch football games at home with their friends.

On the other hand, if you want to use the porch as a space for relaxation, where you can read your favorite books, have long conversations with friends, or simply dedicate some time for your hobbies. All you need is a comfortable couch and a couple of armchairs.

Don’t forget about a small coffee table and some shelves to keep your things organized.

Lighting and heat

Lighting fixtures are also important to add the finishing touches to your porch. Yellow – toned light is very appropriate for a porch, because it gives the sense of warmth and it helps you create a welcoming space.

Plants are also a nice addition to a porch, and you can opt for larger shrubs that don’t require much maintenance.

For cold days, you will also need a heat source. It would be a shame not to enjoy your new porch even when it’s not warm outside. An electric heater ensures you have a constant temperature, and you won’t have to deal with dampness or moisture.

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