affordable bathroom renovations

6 affordable ideas for bathroom renovations

The bathroom is not necessarily the most expensive room to renovate, however the costs for an average bathroom renovation may be intimidating for those who want to make some upgrades on a budget. This doesn’t mean that it’s not possible to make some changes here and there that won’t break the bank, but that will still add value to a home and bring some new life in a master bathroom, a powder room or in a main bathroom.

1.Upgrade the bathroom fixtures

While upgrading the bathroom fixtures is not the same as tackling a full on bathroom renovation, these changes can have a strong impact on the way the room looks. The bath tub, the shower cabin or the sink are all focal points in a bathroom, so when you decide to change one of these items, this will take the attention away from other areas where some renovation work is still needed.

2.Change the bathroom tile

Especially the floor tile or the shower tiles are the ones that gain much attention in a bathroom. Replacing the tile in these areas only, rather than opting for a full tile replacement is a more affordable alternative to upgrade your bathroom. For example, you can choose some nice porcelain tile that replicates the look of marble and use it to create focal points on the shower wall. It’s a modern approach that doesn’t involve a large budget and it can be done rather quickly.

3.Paint the bathroom cabinets or the walls

A fresh coat of paint is the basis of many successful bathroom renovations. By changing the color of the walls you can make a small bathroom look larger, you can create the appearance of a lighter, open space, or you can paint just one wall in a different color and create an interesting effect.

If you’re tired of your old cabinets but they are still in good shape, just make some small repairs where necessary and paint them in a new color. For example, if you have dark cabinets, it’s best to choose a lighter color for the bathroom, because it creates the illusion of a wider space and it’s more suitable for this type of space.

4.Upgrade the lighting fixtures and the décor items

The easiest way to change the way your bathroom looks is to consider the lighting options you have. If the bathroom doesn’t have enough windows or if they are too small, you can’t benefit from natural lighting and you have to consider that you will need enough light especially in key areas.

Don’t neglect the small details: replace your old standard bathroom mirror with an elegant framed mirror, add a new shower curtain, some new towels and rugs and the bathroom will have a new look.

5.Replace old faucets and shower heads

Much like the lighting fixtures, most people tend to pay attention to the functionality and less to the design of such items. How about upgrading your faucets and shower heads with some new sleek and modern ones? Instead of the good old plastic knobs that can crack in time or turn into that unpleasant yellowish color, there are different options on the market to add a touch of class to your bathroom. Basic shower heads get the job done, but you could also splurge on a shower head with different functions, such as multiple spray angles or massage settings, turning the daily shower into a spa-like experience. Also, leaky faucets are not only annoying, but a way to waste water without even realizing it.

6.Replace the bathroom vanity

Most master bathrooms also have a vanity and since this is the area where you get ready in the morning or at night, it seems logical to make sure it’s up to date. Bathroom vanities are among the most costly bathroom upgrades, but it’s worth it if you consider that for most people it’s the first thing they see when they enter the room. Make sure to choose a vanity that matches the style of your bathroom and that has the right dimensions not only to fit into the available space, but also to be in line with the rest of the bathroom elements. For example, if your bathroom has a clean, minimalistic style, a fancy vanity is not the most suitable option.

Bathroom renovations don’t need to be expensive in order to add a fresh vibe to your home; it’s all in the details. You can focus on the things that require immediate replacement or the ones that are outdated and have a step-by-step approach, replacing or renovating different areas in your bathroom over time, not necessarily all at once.

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