spectacular bathroom renovations

7 contemporary finishes for spectacular bathroom renovations

In the contemporary interior design, “the sky is the limit”, and the bathrooms are no exception. Finishes are the main “protagonists” of these rooms and create the background of the decor. Here are some of the most spectacular bathroom finishes, perfect for a bathroom renovation planned in 2018. By using one or more of these materials, you will surely transform the bathroom in one of the most beautiful rooms of your home.

1.Natural stone for bathroom renovations

A bathroom decorated with natural stone is the symbol of absolute refinement, this luxury finish giving the space a refined spa look. This option for a material used in bathroom renovations will not go out of style soon, its main advantage being that it is suitable both for classic and modern bathrooms. You can use it for the bathroom sink, for the walls (in the form of bathroom tile with a pattern that imitates the appearance of natural stone) or for countertops and vanities.

2.Wood for bathroom renovations

The woody surfaces present in this space are a real treat for the senses. The bathroom is by default a damp room, often with low ventilation, so the integration of wood here is pretentious. The answer to this problem is wood-like ceramic that combines the aesthetic qualities of wood with heat and humidity resistance. In addition, such a finish is easy to clean, wear-resistant and durable for high usage.

3.Ceramic tile for bathroom renovations

This type of material is nothing new for bathroom renovations, as it’s being used for decades, but it all comes down to how you integrated and use it in your bathroom. Contemporary trends rely on creating a minimalist and unitary layout by using the same floor and wall finish. The versatility of ceramic tile makes it easy to get a natural looking bathroom, with countless patters inspired by natural materials. Consider it a mix between modern spaces with a natural touch and a minimalist design.

4.Mosaic for bathroom renovations

The use of the mosaic brings an exclusive and unique note to a space by creating focal points – visual areas of interest. In the bathroom, this finish can highlight a wall or interrupt the monotony of ceramic tile. Made of glass or ceramics, the mosaic can be chosen in the same color as the rest of the finishes or in a contrasting color. Recent trends for bathroom renovations are mosaics with metallic effects – especially gold, bronze or copper. This way, you can add a touch of glamour to your home or recreate the atmosphere of vintage bathrooms.

5.Glass for bathroom renovations

Decorative glass panels have been used in recent years in contemporary-style bathrooms. They can be painted or printed in any color and pattern. An alternative to ceramic tiles, it is a customized option that creates special effects in interior spaces, not only in the bathroom. The main disadvantage of glass is that you must clean it often and make sure that you opt for glass panels that are scratch-resistant, but other than that maintenance is easy.

6.Wallpaper for bathroom renovations

Another solution with high visual impact that can be used for bathroom renovations is wallpaper. New manufacturing technologies make it possible to produce moisture resistant products. Wallpaper with special print can customize the area of the bathroom sink, the bathtub or shower, helping to transform the entire space into a completely new one. Perhaps wallpaper is not the first option that comes to your mind if you want to renovate a bathroom, but it’s something you should consider if you want to create a bathroom space that doesn’t follow classic renovation rules.

7.Paint for bathroom renovations

A classic option, water-resistant washable paint, available with matte or glossy finishes, offers countless possibilities to personalize the bathroom space. It’s an accessible and quick option for bathroom renovations, because it often doesn’t require any special preparations, it’s easy to apply and you can play around with different colors, patterns or even designs. Especially if you have a larger bathroom, you can stray away from classic color schemes such as white or light pastel colors and opt for bolder colors, or you can paint an accent wall in a different color.

These are just some of the materials and finishes you can use for bathroom renovations, but keep in minds that each of them comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Ask the professionals in charge with the bathroom renovation for recommendations and make the most convenient and suitable choice for your bathroom. If you plan to renovate your bathroom, or to do various remodeling projects in your home, contact Good Deal Remodeling. We have great references and extensive experience in home remodeling. Check some of our works on our Facebook page, send us a message or give us a call.