low maintenance kitchen countertops

7 materials for low maintenance kitchen countertops

Kitchens, however small they may be, need to fulfill certain requirements for them to work as functional spaces, as well as spaces for cooking, having meals or even entertaining guests: sufficient light and various types of lighting, suitable for different actions, generous storage space, ensuring efficient workflow for the person doing the cooking, sufficient working space and, last but not least, easy to maintain materials.

Among the hard-to-maintain areas of the kitchen, the countertop occupies a leading position. After all, you don’t want the glossy countertops you see at the store to be full of traces, scratches and fingerprints at home, even after you clean it. And you certainly don’t want to have to do a kitchen remodel each time you accidentally drop the knife on the counter.

Therefore, here as some suggestions regarding 7 suitable materials that provide easy maintenance for your kitchen countertop!

Engineered stone kitchen countertops

Engineered stone is practically a type of stone made in the laboratory, usually from natural stone and quartz, bonded together with resins. Its maintenance consists in simply wiping a wet cloth and it’s a suitable material even for those who don’t have a generous budget for kitchen remodeling.

Talcum shale kitchen countertops

This is a metamorphic stone with great durability. In time, it gets a patina that makes its original color look darker. This patina certainly gives the stone a special character, but it’s good to know that if you don’t want the color to change over time, by using an abrasive substance with small grains you can preserve its original aspect.

Laminated kitchen countertops

Probably the most affordable and convenient option, especially for those who are planning a kitchen remodel on a budget, are laminated kitchen countertops. They come in a wide variety of colors and patterns and are very easy to maintain.

Kitchen countertops made from recycled materials

For those interested in the eco-friendly aspect of material used for a kitchen remodel, there are also options regarding countertops made from recycled materials, such as bamboo and paper. They don’t scratch easily, are stain-resistant and don’t’ change their color over time, but in order to preserve these features you must re-seal the material at least every 3 years. However, considering the low maintenance involved and the relatively low costs, these types of materials are something to keep in mind if you don’t want to have to replace the kitchen countertops as often as in the case of other more pretentious ones.

Zinc kitchen countertops

Zinc is a much better alternative than stainless steel because it is non-porous and gets a patina over time. Usage traces are not as visible and, if it is of high purity, zinc has the ability to self-regenerate. You can see zinc countertops in many restaurant kitchens because of its durability and the easy maintenance.

Cooled lava stone kitchen countertops

As exotic as this material sounds, it has actually become a popular option for kitchen countertops in the last years. It almost requires no maintenance at all, because of its high durability and the way it preserves its initial appearance in time. The only important disadvantage of this material is that it can be very expensive, which means it’s something you should consider only if you have a generous budget to spend on a kitchen remodel.

Recycled glass kitchen countertops

If the idea of using eco-friendly materials is important to you, you can consider installing a recycled glass countertop. It’s easy to clean, there are no visible traces and it’s a good option even from an aesthetic point of view! Not to mention that glass is a material used more and more for modern kitchens, but also in other rooms of your home because it creates the illusion of larger spaces and it reflects natural light to brighten up darker spaces.

These are just a few options that you can consider for kitchen countertops that are very easy to maintain. Some of them are not new, like laminated countertops, but other innovative options such as recycled materials or cooled lava stone are the ones that are increasing in popularity as time passes by.

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