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7 ways to approach the minimalist style in your house

At the end of each year, you think about what your life looks like at this moment and if you want to change something. If you feel motivated to do more cleanliness or to start new activities – start by getting your house in order and learn how to approach a minimalist lifestyle. In addition, cold and dark winter days become more enjoyable when you try new activities before you spend all your time out when spring comes again.

What types of minimalists are there?

Minimalism is a lifestyle based on eliminating unnecessary things, having a “less is more” approach. Having some decorative objects well chosen for the coffee table is fine, but a minimalist house is limited to as few colors as possible, fewer pieces of furniture and a décor based on simplicity.

There are several types of minimalists for which some features of minimalism are more important than others. Here are the three main types of minimalists:

Minimalists focused on aesthetics are very interested in the look of the house. For example, the walls are painted in white, very little decorated if at all. The floors are usually not covered with carpets and just a few pieces of furniture are used. Even if there are as many objects like in any other house, they’re usually well organized and stored accordingly.  

Essential minimalists have as little things as possible. They have established what objects are absolutely necessary and they limit themselves to basic objects. These minimalists are less interested in the material aspect and disapprove consumerism and excessive shopping. If they need to buy something, they focus on high-quality objects that have a long life.

Minimalists concerned about the environment appreciate theobjects so much that everything at home has to bring them joy. They easily giveup everything that makes no sense in their lives. Thus, the remaining objectsget their place and proper attention. When surrounded by meaningful things,they feel relaxed and happy.

Do you recognize one of the three types of minimalists? If you want to approach a minimalist lifestyle, here are some tips to help you:

Suggestions to use for a house renovation in a minimalist style

1. Start by studying the space you live in

Look carefully at the décor and the furniture in each room. Why is a particular room functional? Take this into account when planning a renovation. Moreover, carefully study the objects in the house and decide if you need all or you can give up some of them. To begin with, remove all the objects from the room and put back just the ones you really need.

2. Think of functional spaces and versatile furniture

Each piece of furniture and interior decoration should have a well-established functionality and a purpose for which it is in a space. Try to think of both utility and aesthetics when choosing to keep an object. Forexample, a sofa bed saves space and is a good place to sleep.

3. Set a limit for the items you need

Set a limited number of items and pieces of furniture to keep in a room. It is certainly not simple, but setting up a number of objects will help you not over clutter the room.

4. Leave the floors bare and facilitate circulation

Create traffic areas so there is no need to bypass furniture pieces to enter and exit the room. Keep the room as airy as possible and leave plenty of space between the pieces of furniture. The room will look more spacious and brighter. Choose a small couch that visually enlarges your living room.

5. Choose the color scheme carefully

Wall paint adds extra personality to your room. Use this trick to create a space without excess color and without extra decorations, but make sure it doesn’t look boring. The minimalist design is dominated by neutral colors – white, black, gray, cream. This color palette makes the room look less crowded and can be used to arrange a clean and simple space.

6. Focus on smart storage spaces

In a modern interior, you have to think of creative ways of hiding all the objects that most of us keep on the kitchen counter and on the living room table. Boxes in various shapes and sizes are the right choice for smart storage. You can have easy access to all of your items without keepingthem out of sight.

7. Use textiles and plants for more style

For some, a room with a minimalist décor may seem too simple, but you can break this monotony with textiles in a wide variety ofcolors and patterns or with decorative plants.

When planning a renovation or a style change, it is important to set goals, but consider that some issues will be adjusted along the way. Most of the time, we are attached to the objects we own. With a clear goal, it will be easy to decide what objects and furniture pieces are really important to you.

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