How to choose the right kitchen tile

How to choose the best kitchen tile

Believe it or not, the kitchen has become basically the new living room, and therefore you most treat it with more attention, especially if you’re planning a kitchen remodel. Thus, long ago were the days when white kitchen tile was the standard for this room.

The trend of recent years is migrating from the living room to the kitchen. The kitchen is no longer just for preparing food, it’s for serving dinner, lunch, brunch, hosting parties… here’s where secrets are confined.

Thus, the image of sterile, glossy and inexpensive kitchen tile should be eliminated. There is no place for a cold or uninviting space in the kitchen. It must be welcoming, alluring, like a dear old friend.

As mentioned before, kitchen tile is one of the elements that bring a breath of fresh air to this space. And since stores don’t offer a lot of information about tile, we decided to offer you some tips, especially if you buy tile for the kitchen.

First of all, you should know that Italy and Spain are two of the countries most famous when it comes to the production of tiles. They kept old techniques from hundreds of years ago, to give rise to exceptional models, both qualitatively and aesthetically. They are masters in the art of ceramics processing and its transformation in our kitchen tiles, indispensable nowadays.

Kitchen tile had a surprising evolution in recent years, from its complete lack in the kitchen, to overlaying the walls almost completely, to accentuate certain areas, such as the area between the kitchen furniture countertop and cupboards, reaching today to be present on all four walls, from top to bottom. Obviously, it’s all about taste and especially the way your whole house is decorated.

As for the size of kitchen tile, you should be open to anything, from small pieces that remind you of chocolate bars, to glass or stone mosaic, from large textured chunks, to those that offer a delicate touch or those similar to bricks. The range is extremely broad, but how do you choose the right tile for your kitchen?

Tips for choosing the best kitchen tile

  1. If the kitchen isn’t the first room you remodel, then you probably have some experience in the field. Modern or rustic, colorful or sober? Identify the style, the dominant feature and try to keep it in your future kitchen. From this point on, you can choose the color, shape and finish.
  2. Colors are numerous, but few are really your taste. And we are talking about a room with a soul, personality borrowed from you, so choose the one that you like, as long as the color or its derivative, has been used in your home. Like in school, in design repetition is the key to success. If you can’t decide on one, you can create an area of great interest involving a true rainbow, provided that a neutral shade dominates the rest of the kitchen.
  3. The finish of kitchen tile can be matte or glossy, smooth or ribbed. If you have opted for a modern kitchen or why not, an industrial style, a glossy finish, or even metal, will integrate itself perfectly in your new kitchen. For a rustic or Scandinavian kitchen, reduced in size, white or light colored tile will fit like a glove. If you want a bohemian look, retro tiles of different sizes, square, rectangular, mate, or even printed with suggestive, short messages, may be the answer that you were looking for. Those opting for an elegant kitchen, should look for a fine finish, glossy and clear, with a pattern that reflects these qualities.

How to apply your new kitchen tile?

If you’ve decided on the pattern, one final question remains: how to apply it and how much will you need? Until you start installing your new kitchen tiles, you have to decide on the amount you need. Depending on how much you will put on the walls, or how much will you replace, calculate the surface first. You must keep in mind where the kitchen furniture will be placed and how the tiles will be distributed on the walls. You may save some money if you don’t apply kitchen tiles in inaccessible areas. Always have an extra pack of tile, in case some of them are broken during application.

You should know that if you want a rectangular pattern, the tile can and placed vertically, and then they give the impression that the kitchen walls are taller or horizontally, and you create the illusion of depth. You can also opt for a checkerboard a diamond pattern.

What kind of tile do you want for your kitchen?

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