choosing wallpaper tips

How to choose the best wallpaper when you renovate your home

Choosing the wallpaper to suit every room of your home is a very important decision. The wallpaper is a highly resistant finish – once installed, you can use it for years (even decades in some cases). Therefore, it’s important to choose wallpaper that’s in harmony with each room individually and with the style of your home.

Color and size

When you decide to start shopping for the materials you will need for the renovation, you should always follow one simple rule regarding wallpaper: look at it in natural light or in a light similar to the one you have at home, to avoid color differences determined by positioning. Color differences may occur when the wallpaper is positioned according to existent light sources, the filtration degree of natural light, or by exposing it to artificial lighting in the respective space.

If you buy wallpaper in specialized shops, you will get advice on coordinating the wallpaper with certain fabrics both for chromatic and pattern. Thus, you will be able to achieve symmetry and uniformity in the space you want to renovate. The variety of options available is remarkable, you just have to use your creativity to decide which wallpaper fits best in your home.

First, you must consider the dimensions of a room and the type of light you have in the respective room. A small room (12 square meters or less) will give a sense of claustrophobia if you choose wallpaper with a complex pattern or colors that are too intense or too dark. Small rooms look best with wallpaper in bright colors, pastels, fine and small prints. There is also the possibility to decorate only one wall of the room with wallpaper. Thus, you highlight a particular area of the room and it gives the feeling of more space. You can create with colors and textures to redesign the entire aspect of a space.

Different wallpaper textures

As in the case of textiles, simple geometry can contribute to resize a space. Thus, vertical lines give the impression that the room is high and horizontal lines make it seem wider. If you have small rooms, choose light colors and a discreet pattern (repetitive and small) to create the feeling of greater space.

Choose playful wallpaper in the bathroom, if you want to replace the usual tiles on the walls. It’s recommended, especially in bathrooms without a bathtub or a shower, where humidity is lower. In addition, the wallpaper will be easier to clean and maintain.

Textured textile wallpaper, mineral or stone is a worthy option to consider if you want to get a homogenous and natural look that add warmth and accentuate a neutral, even minimalistic ambiance. Uniformity created through texture allows using wallpaper on larger areas, with a discreet effect.

In the kitchen, use wallpaper protected by secure clear glass. The glass plays the role of protecting the cooking area or areas which may come into contact with water, and has the advantage that it can make the kitchen look like a living room or a dining place, especially if the kitchen is in an open, common space. Repeating the same motives when you renovate several rooms give the feeling to unity to the entire space.

A single strip of wallpaper, with representative graphics can animate and complete a renovation, pointing out an area of interest.

Customizing your home

Decorative stickers, derived from a wallpaper pattern used in the renovation are made of PVC and can have customizable graphics. They can be applied both on painted walls and on the furniture. Continuing a pattern that marks a wall brings a discreet note of the same stylistic unity you want in your entire home.

Custom-made wallpaper, printed with favorite graphics or illustrations is ideal for those who want a very detailed customization of space. You can turn to specialized printing services to get very special wallpaper, created in collaboration with a graphic designer, if you want to have a specialist involved.

Certainly, wallpaper brings a bold touch to any type of interior and exudes charm. It depends on you to make the right choices to bring some new life into a room. However, note that if you want a space that looks pleasant to the eye, you need to follow certain rules of symmetry and color coordination, which makes everything look smooth and inviting. Certainly including the fitting wallpaper gives you the best opportunity to be creative and customize your home.

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