remodeling trends for 2018

Home remodeling trends for 2018

2017 was the year of tropical green and warm neutral colors. The year 2018 brings with great surprises in all aspects regarding home remodeling and design.

Trendy colors in home remodeling for 2018

All black rooms will be trending in the coming year. Black makes the furniture items stand out and gives the interiors a sophisticated air. But black will be fashionable not only on the walls but also when it comes to choosing furniture, chandeliers or other decoration items.

If black doesn’t appeal to you, but you are bored with white, you can choose pastel colors; not only are they in trend, but also bring a note of elegance, according to interior design experts. For a sense of harmony, you can add green and pale pink notes.

Speaking of pink, it will be the dominant color of 2018. At least this is what the specialists of the famous Pantone Institute say. It is a favorite color of more and more women, but also of men. It can be used for walls, but neither furniture nor pink decoration accessories will look bad.

Blue comes back in trend for 2018. However, the preferred option is a pastel color that inspires peace and relaxation.

You also won’t make any mistake if you opt for colors like green or yellow. They will create an atmosphere full of energy and encourage you to smile more often.

Metallic colors are no longer a taboo in 2018. Pantone recommends even to dare to use them more and more in interior design. They will put high-quality furniture in the spotlight and create a luxurious look.

Lastly, you can also consider green, but an electrifying color, to be combined with blue and purple, for a spectacular effect. Neither greenery, the color of 2017, has gone out of the trend and you can use it with confidence in your home for a fresh and soothing effect.

Trendy finishes and textures in home remodeling for 2018

Faux finishing is a very fashionable trend that allows you to make quick, cost-effective remodeling projects. This means wall stickers, for easy texture changes, or flooring labels that can transform the floor into sandstone. Or at least create this illusion. Simultaneously, plasterboard is turned into a brick and the bathroom tile becomes a vibrant corner of nature.

Woven textiles are also very fashionable. Next year’s trends rely on woven bamboo wood furniture, wicker lamps, wicker baskets or wicker furniture. But they have to be used in combination with other textures for a sophisticated look.

Materials that are thick and soft to the touch are also a must have in 2018, especially velvet, which can be combined with other natural textures, for a warm and welcoming effect. And for visual contrast, you can combine it with even wood or woven textures.

Graphic elements to decorate the rooms

Safe and common are two terms that need to disappear when it comes to graphics in 2018. It’s the year of authentic pictures and personalized graphics. No more paintings bought from the stores that are already framed, although stock images are still very trendy, if they are integrated into a design that also contains relevant text. The key is that the graphics used near the stock photo are customized.

Unique layouts are very fashionable in the coming year. So forget about symmetry in graphics. Splitting content will be a very fashionable direction in 2018. A very relevant example in this regard is a half-picture half- text painting.

Lines and circles are on trend, and that will not change in 2018. So, they have to be incorporated with other geometric elements in an original and spectacular setting.

Home remodeling trends to look out for in 2018

Next year is the year when you should add more color to your kitchen. It will create a more inviting atmosphere and will hide those inevitable stains that are stubborn to appear on the furniture or on the walls when you cook.

Also in the kitchen area, stainless steel sinks are no longer in trend. They are replaced by copper, granite or even cement. Such a sink will be the central element in the decor of your kitchen.

The “more color” rule applies not only to the kitchen but to the whole house. So give up the white boring shades for the walls and opt for more bold colors in 2018. They will make the furniture and the appliances stand out more.

Feminine, floral elements also come back in style, especially if they use strongly contrasting colors. Vintage elements make a powerful comeback, represented mostly by copper objects.

As for the bathroom sinks, they tend to become deeper and wider. They are perfect especially for families with many children.

Cement is a common building element, and now it is also an important part of interior design, perfect for interiors decorated in industrial style.

Wooden walls with carved decorative elements are becoming more common in bathrooms or kitchens. Starting with 2018, they will become equally common in bedrooms.

Minimalist design and soothing pastels will transform the bedroom into a space of relaxation and meditation in 2018.

These are just some of the home remodeling trends for 2018, but as always keep in mind that you should consider making choices that fit in with your personal style and with the overall style of your home. If you plan a kitchen remodeling, if you want to remodel your bathroom or you have other home remodeling projects in mind, don’t hesitate to contact Good Deal Remodeling, as our goal is to help you create the home of your dreams!