old house renovations

How to renovate an old house

Renovating an old house is, without doubt, a work of art, which attempts to revive the nostalgia represented by specific rooms, certain architectural elements or by their outstanding classical ornaments.

Many house owners are fascinated by the character and feel of an “old house”, and therefore try to do everything possible to renovate or to invest in ambitious remodeling projects, but sometimes, for various reasons, they fail to see the pitfalls involved in this endeavor. The greatest risk is found in old houses that had maintenance negligence or were improperly constructed. Therefore, minor problems can turn into major ones after 20-30 years of “waiting”. However, if you want to renovate an old home, that has been in the family for generations and you just don’t want to let it go, be prepared to deal with all kinds of unwanted surprises.

The advantages of old house renovations

The cost to renovate an old house is less than if you were to buy a new one, considering that you don’t have to renovate everything, only certain rooms or you just make some improvements to increase comfort. If you renovate only parts of a home, it means that your budget may be flexible, according to what you need to renovate and you don’t have to do it all at once.

Renovating also allows you to change your existing home that might have a great sentimental value, so that it meets your personal expectations and desires, compared to a new home that you have to take “as it is”. Instead of spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on a new home, you can upgrade your current one and it will also benefit you when you do intend to sell it.

Possible problems that occur when renovating an old house

  • Perhaps one of the problems is represented by the foundation because it might be unstable (it’s sinking). This affects the strength of the structure, and furthermore, the walls and floors have to suffer the consequences;
  • The floors are uneven, making tile laying a real challenge;
  • Old electrical installations in the kitchens will be difficult to adapt to the modern furniture and appliances;
  • Old windows, namely arched windows will not be easily replaced with new models available now on the market;
  • If you have a tile roof and you don’t have a stock of small tiles of the old model, most likely you won’t find anything similar.

Even if the renovation of an old house can provide many satisfactions, that doesn’t mean that only easy work is expecting you on the long run. Therefore, for certain issues it’s recommended to seek professional help. For example, renovating the kitchen will become a real problem, as that the electrical system can’t support the high power consumption required for the XXI century kitchen. The solution usually involves changing the electrical panel, so each room and, in some cases, every appliance should have its own circuit. Not to mention that combining modern models of kitchen furniture with classic design existing in older kitchens will not be easy.

The sewage is another problem, because over time, the tubes have reached a high level of usage. Most times, the sewage can’t be ”fixed” for several reasons, therefore it requires a complete replacement. Altogether, this work is likely to be more costly than demolishing and building a new house. Only a professional expertise can reveal the true value of the investment, or this can be done even later, during the work required for the renovation.

Our advice:

  1. Ask a contractor for advice to tell you how the renovation can become a success, considering how the house was built and taking into account its initial appearance.
  2. Check the technical condition for the most important mechanical and electrical systems.
  3. Make sure to have a budget that is 50% higher than estimated in the expertise.

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