kitchen backsplash

Ideas for the kitchen backsplash – glass, metal, tiles, wood

In addition to the classic tile wall, a kitchen backsplash today can also be made of glass, metal or even wood. In addition to the function of protecting the wall, such a backsplash can also have a decorative role in every kitchen.

Grease spots, water drops, sharp-edged pot lid – a kitchen backsplash must withstand a lot in everyday life and be easy to wipe off. Because no matter how good a meal may have tasted, weeks later you don’t want to see it in the form of stains on the wall. A backsplash made of glass, metal, tiles or more often even wood, which serves as a protective layer, makes it easier to keep wall surfaces clean. Moreover, the kitchen backsplash is an important element in the design of the kitchen.

The classic option: tile as for kitchen backsplash

Until a few years ago, the classic tile was the means of choice as splash protection in the kitchen. This meant the narrow tile strip at the height and in the length of the worktop. The advantage of tile: it’s much easier to wipe off grease, water or dirt than on a painted wall. More difficult, however, are the joints, which can turn gray or even become dirty over the years. When it comes to mechanical stress, tile is also a good option: it usually doesn’t pose any problems when it’s scratched by accident.

However, the popularity of the classic tile backsplash is lower. With new kitchens that use open shelves instead of on wall cabinets, this form of kitchen backsplash disappears more and more often. The narrow kitchen backsplash is replaced by partly tiled walls, the surface of which is often higher or even extends to the ceiling or to the floor next to the actual work area.

Also nowadays it’s easier to play with different tile sizes. The well-known tile square is outdated. Most tiles are rectangular today. Large sizes are often preferred for modern kitchens. Especially popular are so-called metro tiles or subway tiles. These are glazed rectangular tiles that are reminiscent of tiles from subway stations in London or Paris with their high-gloss appearance. Depending on the design, they give the wall a modern or nostalgic appearance and are suitable for both a minimalist interior design style or for a country kitchen.

Kitchen backsplash made of glass or Plexiglas

In addition to tile, it’s another popular material used to create a beautiful kitchen backsplash. The advantage of the glass backsplash: the joints are eliminated – thus the surface can always be completely cleaned. Thanks to the continuous surface, the area is also more generous. The kitchen also seems bigger because the illusion of more space is created.

The appearance of a glass backsplash ranges from frosted glass to clear glass, which is additionally backed with a foil or print. This way, even photographic motifs can be brought into the kitchen. Especially when renovating the kitchen, glass kitchen backsplashes are ideal as they can be easily mounted on an existing tile wall. For this, the customized glass panes are glued either with silicone or elegantly attached to the wall with screw cups.

For safety reasons, you should use a high-quality toughened safety glass with more thickness. It shouldn’t break easily and it does, there are no sharp-edged shards, so the risk of injury is much lower.

A cheaper alternative to glass is acrylic – known under the trade name Plexiglas. This too can be made by various providers accurately including socket holes and other recesses. Unlike glass, however, the material is not as heat-resistant and more sensitive. Sharp-edged objects can therefore easily leave marks in the form of scratches.

Kitchen backsplash made of metal

What has long been standard in restaurants and industrial kitchens is increasingly establishing itself at home: metal kitchen backsplashes. Mainly bare or matt stainless steel is used and protects the area behind the sink and stove from dirt. However, larger stainless steel sheets are increasingly covering large areas of the wall as a stylistic element. This is how ordinary kitchens turn into modern cooking laboratories.

On the other hand, backsplashes made of aluminum composite panels are more homely. Like glass backsplashes, the aluminum sheets, which are not as thick, can be customized by digital printing. A protective laminate forms the finishing touch and protects the motif against wear or other factors.

Cheap alternatives – paint and decorative foils

A backsplash, which permanently protects the area around the sink and stove from grease spots or water, doesn’t always have to be expensive. Especially for rented houses, the question arises whether it must be glass, metal or tile which often is a more expensive alternative. The simplest method is protective coatings. By using a special paint for the wall, you can protect it better from water and grease.

If, on the other hand, the wall has already been painted, you can apply a protective foil. It’s applied as a clear, colorless protective layer directly on the wallpaper or existing paint layer with a roller. After drying, the actual wall color is still visible and the protective coating itself can be seen due to its gloss.

Other cheap alternatives for the kitchen are self-adhesive foils. They are offered in different colors and sizes. Even individualized prints are possible. However, to be able to apply them, the surface must be smooth. Also, such decorative foils are usually very thin. For heavily used they are not the best option.

Wood as kitchen backsplash

A kitchen backsplash made of wood is suitable for those who want to have it particularly homely and natural. Of course, such a natural material needs extra care and maintenance. However, anyone who treats their wooden kitchen backsplash consistently with wood-based sealing lacquer will get an abrasion-resistant and extremely hard-wearing surface. Color adjustments are possible even after years. Thus, the backsplash can easily be modified when the kitchen is renovated later on. Plus, since it’s easy to find all kinds of wood panels that are easy to install, it shouldn’t take a long time to cover up even large surfaces.

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