90s home renovation trends

How to integrate 90s trends into your home renovation

Designers have good news to all those who still love remodeling trends from the 90s: they are now back in demand. So don’t throw out old furniture and home decorations that you love, because you can use them when you renovate your home.

It is nothing new that after some years, trends make a comeback and this happens not only in the field of fashion, but also in interior design, as you’ll learn below. Floral wallpaper, carpets, white kitchens, dusty pink and pale blue are just some of the 90s specific elements that are now used in home renovations.

Floors in light colors

If early 2000s noted a trend toward finishes and furniture in dark colors, the trends for this year and certainly for the years to follow, indicate the return of light and bright shades. In regard of flooring, designers tend to gravitate towards floors in bright colors, a staple item of the 90s. So if you didn’t renovate your home in the last 20 years, and the flooring of the house still looks good, keep it and spend your money on other necessities. Obviously, you may need to recondition it, but it’s still less expensive than replacing it.

Floral wallpaper

Wallpaper has made a great comeback over the last years. More people are using it – if they have not already done so – to decorate various rooms of the house. What was not known until now though is that to fit in next season’s trends you’d better pay attention to decorative floral wallpaper. Think about 80s or 90s wallpaper you would see all the time in kitchens or other rooms of the house, promoted by popular movies and TV shows. Surely, you’ll find plenty of models in specialty stores, so that you’ll like at least one of enough to want it in your home.

Say goodbye to grey

Grey was a very popular choice for home renovations. So popular in fact, that it was always present in home renovation trends over the last couple of years. It’s a neutral color, easy to match with other shades, especially in modern homes. However, it was only a question of time until it got replaced with something else. White and beige shades are gaining more popularity now, but only time will tell if grey shades are a thing of the past.

Pink and blue accents

The comeback made by pink and baby – blue shades have certainly something to do with the colors of the years, as proclaimed by the Pantone Institute: rose quartz and serenity. It’s a simple coincidence that pink and blue shades were heavily used in the 90s, but now you can take advantage of this trend. If you like these shades use them as color accents for your home renovation. Don’t overuse them, because you only need a few items here and there to accentuate your room décor.

Carpets all over the floor

Here’s something you probably didn’t think you would see again so soon: carpets all over the floors, from wall to wall. In the 90s, this was a big trend, having carpets all over the floors, without the tiniest space left uncovered. It seems that in the years to come, we will see more and more carpets, just like in that decade, designers saying that if you decide to bring back this feature in the décor of your home; you should choose carpets in neutral tones of beige, white or cream that will create the illusion the wide and bright space.

White kitchen furniture

The white furniture and light fittings of the 90s return to the modern kitchens of 2016 and they will remain on top at least for a few years to come. If simple, classic white is too common for your taste, you can choose from a large variety of other light shades: ivory, pearl white, cream, vanilla etc. Altogether, lighter shades are a great option, especially for small kitchens. And if in the past decade has mainly dealt with stainless steel appliances, it seems that from now on white ones are high in demand, matching with the rest of the furniture.

Gold accessories and decorations

Golden accessories go hand in hand with white furniture. You can opt for copper shades or vintage gold items, perfect for retro rooms that have a classic feel to them. Don’t exaggerate with the golden items, or else the entire décor will become tacky.

If the 90s style is not on your list of preferences, the good news is that all the trends listed above are also suitable for the Scandinavian style. So if you just want to renovate one room or more rooms in your home, to upgrade them and give them a modern touch, go for this popular Nordic style.

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