small bathroom remodeling tricks

How to make a small bathroom work

Bathroom space is, in most cases, not very generous. Small, narrow, sometimes without a window, the bathroom becomes one of the spaces that cause us discomfort. Let’s see how we can change this using a few solutions that help optimize the available space in a small bathroom.

Shower cabins

We know many of you dream of a relaxing bath after a long day of work. It’s just that sometimes the bathroom space does not allow you to install a bathtub. What will you do in a situation like this? You opt for a shower cabin, or possibly just for a small bathtub separated by a glass panel. It’s saving some space already, is not it?

There are several variants of shower cabins and the choice of the model is often based on personal preferences and needs. Before choosing a shower cabin, set your needs (quick showers, you want a shower cabin to use as a bathtub, etc.) and choose according to your needs and preferences (a simple cabin, with glass walls, etc.).

A shower cabin with a small tub is the perfect combination of comfort and efficiency. It can be used both as a shower and as a bathtub. Of course, to use it as a bathtub you have to make sure that you choose a high tub that allows you to lie down in it or a tub that is equipped with a seat.

The shower cabin without tub is quite common, being very practical and elegant. The disadvantage is that it can only be used for showers. But if you purchase a modern and advanced battery system, you can install a vertical hydro massage system and turn your daily showers into spa experiences.

Lighting fixtures in the bathroom

We have often mentioned how important the light is in a room. And in the bathroom it is essential; especially if you don’t have a window to the outside (which often it’s insufficient to receive natural light).

If you are about to remodel your bathroom, make sure you have enough light. You can opt for some spotlights in the ceiling to provide general lighting and then have other lighting sources around the mirror for better visibility. Also, another element that will be of great help to you is the mirror. It reflects the light and creates the illusion that the space seems bigger. This trick always works for any small space! And if you have already opted for glass doors for the shower area, you will have double benefits.

Toilets and sinks

Another important tip is to adapt the elements to your space. For example, for a very small bathroom, you can choose a toilet bowl or hanging sink. It’s a very useful trick that makes the bathroom appear larger through the space saved at floor level. What else can you do? Let go of the idea of that classic bathroom cabinet under the sink. Minimalist influences also work well in the bathroom.

Toilet bowls are of several kinds and cover a wide range of models so they can be easily integrated into any type of bathroom. Whether you have a small bathroom or a large master bathroom, there are enough models to equip it according to the needs and space available.

Toilet bowls differ from one another, depending on the type of assembly they have. If many years ago there were only classical floor-mounted toiletries, with time design and technology have advanced and now we can choose from several models.

Hanging toilet bowls have become very popular because of their very pleasant appearance, the small space they occupy and the ease with which they are cleaned and maintained.

The sink directly attached to the wall or the suspended bath sink is a good solution in some cases. Wall sinks or suspended sinks can be an optimal solution that can help you compartmentalize your bathroom space.

Bathroom sinks installed on the wall are very elegant, but not very practical because they don’t offer enough storage space. However, this type of sink is suitable for small bathrooms, where there is only place for small sinks, even suspended in a corner. Also, wall sinks are useful for people with disabilities because they allow the wheelchair to enter the space below the sink.

These are just a few tips and trick to make your small bathroom work, but you can always find other ideas for a small bathroom remodeling that can allow you to gain some space or to better organize the available space in the bathroom.

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