Marble floor for the bathroom

Marble floor installation for bathrooms

Having various marble items or using marble in different ways turns any room of your home into an enigmatic space, in a good way. Aside from that, marble is chic and stylish, so you can only marvel at the strengths and sustainability of this natural stone.

Marble remains unrivaled in texture. It is extremely difficult to get it etched, scratched or stained. Most marble plates have a unique and magnificent appearance. Therefore, having marble in your home can improve the appearance of the available space and give it a touch of charm.

How difficult is marble floor maintenance

Marble floor maintenance is not hard. You can create a majestic look in the bathroom using marble tiles. Before purchasing the tiles, you have to think about the color that will suit your overall bathroom design. You can have personal preferences, but before choosing the marble design, think about the look you want.

For the bathroom, you can opt for marble tiles imitating the natural stone or sandstone. They are an inherent attraction of the ancient world. It will combine perfectly with any kind of earthy colors.

Marble tiles designs

Marble tiles imitating natural stone tiles have an irregular shape, so you can adopt an asymmetrical design. These look monotonous, and the edges of the tiles simply shard after a few years. The combination of monotonous appearance and effect of slightly chipped tiles, complete an antique look, so you don’t have to worry about replacing them anytime soon.

Most such tiles look good in kitchens and bathrooms. Asides from marble that imitates stone, you can choose between polished marble, or marble that imitates sandstone. The tiles offer a classic look. However, polished marble tiles may be slippery when wet. You should use bath mats to avoid any accident.

Marble floors for bathrooms

When you think about remodeling the bathroom, you should start with the beginning, meaning the floor. The floor is actually the foundation of the entire project. You can take a look at different types of bathrooms, to help you decide what you want. You’ll be amazed at the choices you’ll get.

Although nothing can beat marble floors, there are plenty of other options. You can make some changes in terms of bath accessories – you can change the entire concept of lighting. Nobody likes a useless lit space in the bathroom. You get inspired from bathrooms that have hidden lighting fixtures. Lighting fixtures can make the difference in terms of appearance bathroom, especially to complement a marble floor.

Installing marble tiles in the bathroom

If you already have tiles in the bathroom, than you must remove the old ones before installing marble tiles. Ceramic tiles are easy to break with a hammer, while vinyl tiles can be ripped up using a pry bar.

Any type of tiles should be installed only on a clean and dry surface. Sometimes, it’s necessary to sand down any bumps or to fill in depressions in the floor. Marble tiles must be installed on a smooth surface, otherwise they will be susceptible to cracking. In other cases, a plywood subfloor may be needed, if the floor is not smooth enough.

Each tile should be examined to see if there are any small cracks or gaps in the polished surface. Otherwise, the tiles might get cracked during the installation process. It’s best to keep most tiles full – sized, so it’s not necessary to cut them. Cutting marble tiles should be done very carefully. The easiest way to install marble tiles or any other types of tiles is to start with the center of the floor. It’s important to allow the tiles to sit un top of the adhesive used for it to completely dry. Don’t step on the tiles for at least 24 hours, or this can make them uneven. Marble is prune to damage, so it’s important to apply a coat of marble sealing on top.

If you decided to opt for marble tiles for your bathroom remodel, it’s best to hire a professional for the installing process. Marble floors are very elegant and they can last you a long time, but only if the installation process is made correctly.

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