Classic kitchen renovation with modern elements

Modern elements for a classic kitchen renovation

No room in your house enjoys so much functionality as the kitchen. This area has evolved from the room used only to cook the food, to a versatile room used for cooking, sitting at a glass of wine with friends, eating or enjoying a cup of coffee in a relaxing moment.

Therefore, regardless of which design you have chosen, it’s important to incorporate into your kitchen modern elements as well.

If you’ve chosen classic or retro furniture for your kitchen, the biggest challenge will be to integrate appliances in a natural way, so as not to mess up the design of the room. Here are some tips on how to do this as simple as possible.

Choose appliances that blend in with the furniture

The easiest way to hide the appliances is to have them “hidden” in the furniture. For example, an inset cooker hood can simply be masked behind a cupboard so no one will notice it. In addition, it has the same absorption power as a classic one, so you will not have to worry about unpleasant odors.

The refrigerator can be hidden in a cabinet specially designed so that your kitchen has more continuity, a unified design and a compact look. Try to place the microwave and the coffee machine in an area where their color hues compliment the furniture or the wall painting. In order not to occupy space on the kitchen countertop, you can have a shelf to for more easy access, so you enjoy you kitchen while having functionality and organize a smart layout of the space.

Traditional materials are more elegant and durable

When you decorate or renovate your kitchen, go with simple lines, an elegant color scheme and choose a countertop over the sink area or floor materials that offer the room a luxurious appearance, such as marble or granite. Traditional kitchens can include a mosaic, for added color and personality.

When choosing furniture, keep in mind that lacquered pieces belong rather to a modern style, and the mate pieces lend a more sober appearance, but are stylish and fit a classic and sophisticated kitchen.

Decorate according to the “work triangle” rule

Renovating the kitchen as a work triangle is a concept known for more than 70 years, which is still successfully applied by interior designers to decorate kitchens in a classic style. Created to maximize the space, the concept requires that the distances between the stove, refrigerator and sink are the same, and if you were to draw some imaginary line linking these elements, they should form a triangle.

This type of design is for those who want to have a functional kitchen and enables numerous successful configurations, to fit any type of space available.

Neutral colors give your kitchen a stylish look

For a kitchen to stand the test of time and look as stylish throughout the years, you need a neutral color scheme. Whiteness has the advantage that it can create a minimalist and elegant effect, but white furniture can stain easily or have a yellow hue. You can choose colors like beige or a gray palette, or if you want a color less than usual, opt for navy blue, combined with white countertops and white cupboard handles.

Include glass in the kitchen renovation

It suffices to take a look and be inspired by the kitchens of the last few decades to convince you that glass was heavily used in the manufacture of cabinets, and shelves. Many people are reluctant to choose furniture with glass for fear that it might get broken, but the truth is that many of the pieces you find in stores are designed to withstand the test of time. In addition, the transparent doors give you an additional opportunity to highlight some special decorations or a set of crystal glasses, placed prominently.

What do you think about these options? Which one would you choose for a kitchen renovation?

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