plan renovation budget

How to plan the renovation budget

When you decide to carry out a renovation work in your home, it is good to set a budget based on your availability and the help you receive. Very often, unexpected situations during the renovation lead to depletion of the amount allocated well before its completion. Here’s how to organize your renovation budget and to control the situation.

1.Establish the type of renovation work you need to make

Whether you want to change the tile, or you want a new wall color, it’s very important to match your wishes with the budget you have. Most of the time the unforeseen situations and the temptations of the moment take a toll on the initial plan, the budget is depleted and the work remains unfinished. Appreciate whether the new colors used for the wall fit with the accessories in a room or whether the tiles match the interior doors. The more certain you are of the things that you want to happen in your home, the better you can manage the budget and control the team of painters, for example.

2.Evaluate the rest of the house

The most important thing is that during renovation works there should be no adjacent faults in the house. The sanitary system and the electrical system are the ones that on which the entire renovation depends on.  Besides the fact that getting any unplanned repairs done can be very expensive, you have to take into account the lost time.

There is the possibility that some malfunctions may occur after you have completed the renovation work and you will need to break a piece of tile or a wall to fix them. Thus, renovation work made so far will be compromised.

So before you buy the materials, it is a good idea to ask a plumber and an electrician to perform the necessary checks for optimal operation of the installations.

3.Ask for expert opinions

Do not buy the materials before consulting with the team of professional workers. Only they can recommend you the quantities and companies from which you can buy everything you need. Experienced craftspeople know much cheaper places and thus have the opportunity to help you make a considerable economy.

The quantities recommended by the workers may differ from those recommended in the shop where you buy the products. If you have the feeling that sellers are just trying to make extra sales, ask for a third opinion from a friend or a colleague who has renovated their home recently.

The washable paint, for example, can be applied in several coats, depending on the wall finish existing at that time. In the store you will be advised to buy paint so you can use it for 2 or 3 coats, although at home you will get the same color just by applying one coat.

4.Check for sales and promotions

Both building materials and furniture or sanitary ware can be purchased at great discounts. Always search in more places, because you never know when you could get lucky and find exactly the materials and items that you need at great prices.

You are not always lucky to find a big discount on a quality object, but the advantage may come from another point of view. Perhaps the store offers you free transportation or assembly for products, so you’re sure you get them in good condition and you don’t waste your time trying to figure things out.

The more you look at, the more likely you are to find exactly the things you need. Consider a ratio between lost time, fuel consumed and price difference between stores and make the decision that benefits you the most.

5.Have an extra renovation budget

It is good that when you set the budget for a renovation, you also consider the less pleasant variants. Perhaps the team you’re doing the renovation with needs an extra worker, maybe you bought half-broken tile or maybe the car you were carrying the materials with was damaged.

A percentage equivalent to at least 30% of the initial amount must be reserved for these types of situations. If you’re lucky not to use this money, then you can use it for a party or for some new items for your home, but lack of it can lead to the renovation work being stretched for an unlimited period of time, and this is something that you definitely don’t want.

These are just some of the tips you should consider for any type of renovation project, but it all comes down to the type of renovation work you need to get done. If you plan a kitchen remodeling, if you want to remodel your bathroom or you have other home remodeling projects in mind, don’t hesitate to contact Good Deal Remodeling, as our goal is to help you create the home of your dreams!