outdoor kitchen

Remodeling ideas for an outdoor kitchen

Whether you live in a small house or you have more available space at your disposal, the warm season encourages you to make major changes to the home and, implicitly, to the kitchen. If you live in a house you can really feel lucky because the outdoor kitchen can be arranged more easily.

Outdoor kitchen in the garden

When the heat becomes too much to handle, nothing compares with cooking and dining outdoors, so if you are at the construction stage of the house, you need to take into consideration the option to build a small outdoor kitchen in the garden. And if you have not built your outdoor kitchen in the garden of your home, with just a few simple steps you can create a great space where you can cook without overheating the home and where you can have lunch with your loved ones in a cooler environment enjoying the enchanting smell of summer flowers.

Where do you place your outdoor kitchen in the garden?

This is a fairly common question among those who want such a space. It would be best to have the outdoor kitchen in the extension of the indoor garden, so that the outdoor kitchen is actually a small porch. This is especially recommended if the garden space is not large enough.

However, if the space is generous enough and you want the space for the outdoor kitchen to be completely separated, you can arrange the kitchen in a small gazebo located in the center of the garden or in a corner of it. If you arrange the summer kitchen right in the middle of the garden, you will enjoy the freshness of the vegetables and greens that you will use to make delicious dishes.

An outdoor kitchen in the garden is best arranged in rustic style, but if you can’t integrate this style of architecture with the design of the rest of the home, especially if the kitchen is in the continuation of the home, it is appropriate to respect the aesthetic criteria that you have used so far.

Like the indoor kitchen, the outdoor kitchen in the garden must meet the two important criteria: the functional criterion and the aesthetic criterion.

From a functional point of view, the outdoor kitchen must be arranged in such a way as to provide the best conditions for cooking and dining.

The grill – the key element of the outdoor kitchen

  • The grill is an indispensable element of an outdoor kitchen, it is the element around which all the other elements, such as the refrigerator, the oven and the sink need to be installed.
  • For an outdoor kitchen, it is advisable to use a small refrigerator because you can also use the one inside of your home. It is preferred that there is some harmony between all the items mentioned previously, so don’t hesitate to use custom kitchen furniture.
  • The sink doesn’t have to be too large, but it is very useful because it would be a real hassle to always go inside the kitchen to wash the utensils used as well as the food.
  • Coming back to the central element, the grill, this it can be made by ordering it from a specialized company, or you can choose a regular grill to install and dismount as you like. But the first option is much better both functionally and aesthetically.
  • Another element that you should keep in mind when it comes to outdoor kitchen is the bar. The evenings that you will spend in the company of your friends will be even more enjoyable with the coolness of the beverages you pour in the glasses. You can supply the little bar with soft drinks in order to prepare delicious cocktails.
  • Because the outdoor kitchen will turn into the ideal socialization space, the place where the meal will be served must be arranged with great care. Choose a table and complementing chairs depending on the design, so that it perfectly matches your garden. Besides these, you can also opt for a hammock, a bench, a swing, a sofa, or chairs made from wicker or rattan.
  • Don’t forget about accessories! You can choose rustic decorations and flower arrangements made with flowers from your own garden.
  • Whether the outdoor kitchen is connected to the home or in the middle of the garden, it is very important for it to be covered, both to offer protection against rain and to protect against sun during the hot summer days. This way you can enjoy the most of this wonderful season and you will not have to suffer from heat while cooking in the kitchen.

Decorating the outdoor kitchen during summer

Summer decoration accessories should include decorative plants and floral arrangements. Also, fresh fruit baskets should not be missing either.

If you want to give your kitchen an exotic feel, then you can approach various themes. You can tackle a beach inspired theme, choosing shells or other navy decorations, or opt for an exotic décor that uses plenty of yellow, green and orange and the exotic aroma of pineapple and coconut.

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