small kitchen remodel ideas

Remodeling ideas for a small kitchen

You know that feeling, whatever you do, you don’t have enough space in the kitchen? It happens often, even to those who don’t pay special attention to cooking. Surely, you gathered many appliances there, if even you only use them once a year, accessories and dishes that you hardly manage to store away, especially if you don’t have large cabinets. But there are options fitted for kitchens of modest surfaces, so that everything is within reach, without creating that feeling of crowded space. The first step is to objectively analyze the situation and remodel according to your personal style and your lifestyle. The kitchen must be, first, practical.

Maximize space!

Many kitchens, especially those in small homes have a narrow space, being longer than wider. In this case, the only solution is that you use vertical storage solutions, meaning shelves or units. Cabinets can be high even up to the ceiling. Alternate wooden door cabinets with glass ones, so you don’t clutter the space as much. Pay attention to color! Light shades, white, cream or gray, will reflect light, making the kitchen seem much larger than it actually is.

Instead of the walls, you can add a splash of color on the floor. A colorful floor will attract the attention of everyone who enters the kitchen and will brighten up the room.

You can choose a bold color for the walls, even if your kitchen is not very large. In this case, however, natural light plays a very important role. For example, you may paint the walls in an intense shade of gray, but leave the ceiling white for contrast!

If gray furniture seems too dark, then opt for white cabinets on top. Don’t forget to add a cozy carpet on the floor. You will create a warm kitchen interior, perfect for cooking or socializing. As the carpet has more colors or prints, the better!

Define your style!

Whatever the size of the kitchen, the remodeling style is the one that counts. Contrary to general impression, not just minimalist furniture fits into small spaces, but also classical furniture. Admittedly, if you’re a big fan of modern kitchens, you may find them being more practical and better organized. However, your own preferences are important. You can accentuate the style with small details like diaphanous curtains in the windows, retro-style appliances and faucets, exposed ceiling beams, wooden or terracotta flooring, ceramic vintage containers.

You can even opt for furniture with patina effect, if you want a feminine and romantic kitchen. Yes, it’s possible, even in a small space.

Make sure you have enough natural light!

An area that enjoys natural light will seem generous and airy, so make the most of the window and try, if possible, not to cover it with curtains or blinds. Opt for transparent curtains, white or cream, or leave the window completely uncovered. Take advantage of every inch, even if your kitchen has a generous glass surface. For example, you can install shelves without covering the window. In this way, you win storage space and enjoy plenty of natural light.

You can also use the indoor version of a window between the kitchen and living room or dining area.

Rely on color!

A kitchen area with a modest surface can be color-coded, so dare to give up the classic white furniture and opt for pastel shades of green, turquoise or pink. If you’re not ready for a radical solution, you can break the monotony of white furniture, inserting small spots of color: curtains, ceramic items, appliances in strong colors.

Kitchen remodel is a great opportunity to put your creativity into play and convert the available space into your ideal kitchen. Even if it’s small or you don’t have much room for significant alternations, you would be surprised what some fresh paint on the walls and some new cabinets will do for your kitchen.

The most important thing to consider is that you will need the help of a reliable contractor for your kitchen remodel project. Our team is specialized in kitchen remodel and bathroom remodeling and we take pride in ensuring customer satisfaction. Our services are available in Philadelphia and in the Philadelphia area. Feel free to contact Good Deal Remodeling for free estimates, regardless of the remodeling project you have in mind.