cozy kitchen remodeling

4 tips for a cozy kitchen remodeling

Those of you who like a more traditional approach when it comes to the design and décor of your home are certainly familiar with the meaning of the word “cozy kitchen”. When you think about a cozy kitchen, open shelves, painted cabinets and handmade accessories are the main elements of this space to create a delightful atmosphere for cooking and having meals with family and friends.

But what are the “must have” elements of a classic, slightly retro cozy kitchen and which one should you integrate into your home?

Replace the stove

The number one element of a cozy kitchen and any cozy room in general is having a fire. Of course, it would be too difficult to have a fireplace in the kitchen, especially if you don’t have enough room, but instead of the futuristic kitchen stoves that you can find on the market today, you could install a woodstove. If you don’t want to have to deal with having fire wood at hand all time, you could install a stove that works both on gas or wood. It’s one of the best ideas if you plan a full on kitchen remodeling or if you just want to upgrade your kitchen.

Restore old kitchen cabinets

Instead of shiny new cabinets, you can restore the ones you already have with a fresh coat of paint with an antique patina. Begin with what’s in your hand, such as reused wood cabinets, the centerpiece of a cozy kitchen. Add some shelves from old pallet planks to complete the look. Painted or preserving its original texture, wood adds a touch of warmth and serenity to this type of kitchen.

Or, if your old kitchen cabinets should be replaced, you can find interesting cabinets that mimic the look of distressed furniture or you can even have some custom made. To gain some more room and to create the visual impression of an open space, you can also opt for open shelves as much as possible instead of traditional kitchen cabinets.

Use natural materials as much as possible in your kitchen remodeling

When you think about a cozy kitchen, then stone should not be neglected in your kitchen remodeling, filling the visual role of the wood. These are two materials in which one brings rigor and the other counterbalances it in a tasteful symmetry.

Having a cozy kitchen means also integrating pieces of furniture and small accessories that make a difference. Even a normal industrial-style lighting fixture can find its place in this type of decor. Some wood beams added creatively to the ceiling also produce the same effect in a room that seems to recreate the feeling of a retro, rustic kitchen.

You can use wood everywhere in the kitchen, from floors and ceiling, to kitchen cabinets and countertops, just make sure to break up the overall design a little with different material. Good old kitchen tile is a great option, but make sure you choose tile in warm, light colors, to match the wood. Add some finishing touches by having some pops of color here and there, such as metallic knobs in bronze or copper hues or some nice pendants.

Make room for a dining space

No matter how small the kitchen is, you should make sure you have a space for dining. Ideally it should be a kitchen table, but if you don’t have enough room for that, a kitchen island, a built-in breakfast nook or a counter with stools. The idea is that you should have enough space to serve at least some drinks and snacks when you’re entertaining guests in your cozy kitchen.

These are just some of the tips that you can use in your kitchen remodeling to recreate that cozy feeling of a rustic or retro kitchen, perfect for a family home or for a house that has a more traditional or rustic design.

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