perfect bathroom remodeling

A perfect bathroom remodeling in 8 steps

You have to admit the way your bathroom looks can influence your mood for the whole day, because that is the room where you first go each morning after you get out of bed. Besides cleanliness, which must be absolutely impeccable in such a room, no less important is the way it has been decorated and arranged. But how do you know that the decisions you make during the planning process are correct? Make sure you follow the next steps to help you plan the perfect bathroom remodeling.

1.Functionality – the most important factor in bathroom remodeling

Being one of the most widely used rooms in the whole home, it’s necessary to take care first of all the things regarding the functionality of the bathroom, this being the first step in the efficient arrangement of this room. And though it can be hard to believe, this is perhaps even more important than the aesthetic.

Unlike bedrooms that, as you know, are individual spaces, bathrooms are often used by all members of the family, which requires them to be equipped with several storage spaces where you can organize all the items of personal and intimate hygiene for each family member. In this way, you can fit various cabinets and shelves, made of moisture-resistant materials. Starting from the idea of ​​functionality, you will be able to decide if you want to fit a bathtub or drop it in favor of a shower cabin. If no member of your family is excited about bathing in a bathtub full of water and foam, you should definitely choose a shower cabin. Very beautiful, practical and easy to maintain are shower cabins that have no bathtub attached, because they can be easily adapted to the dimensions of the bathroom.

2.Beautiful and easy to maintain finishes

Choosing finishes is another essential step in a bathroom remodeling, the more they give the tone of the decor. Besides the aesthetic side that you have to keep in mind, of course, you shouldn’t ignore the practical one, choosing tile models that are easy to maintain. A pretentious tile, which highlights any drop of water, will create you some difficulties, and at some point it can even ruin your mood for the day. So, instead of a glossy pattern, you can opt for a matte one. If you have a small bathroom, you should avoid finishes in dark shades, focusing on models in bright colors that will enhance the degree of brightness inside the room.

When choosing floor tiles, you could consider not only how clean it is, but how slippery it is. Let’s not forget that the bathroom is a damp room and a glossy tile can favor slipping accidents.

3.Make decisions according to your personal preference

As a general rule, when remodeling a space, you have to do it with your personal input, so that the final result fully satisfies you. That’s why no matter what style of design is fashionable, you have to choose only finishes and decorative elements that suit the style you love.

If you like rustic style, choose finishes specific to this style: wood, natural stone etc. In recent years, the moisture-proof hardwood has also become popular, recommended to be used in the flooring of bathrooms, kitchens and even balconies. Of course, the furniture and accessories with which you complete the decor must follow the same design line.

4.Space organization and sanitary items

Of course, in most cases, placement of sanitary items within a bathroom depends on the sanitary installation, its position imposing somehow the place where you will have the bathtub, the toilet and the sink. However, for a good and efficient organization, a bathroom has to be equipped with cabinets, shelves or other storage spaces.

To make it easy to use the items you keep in the bathroom, it is advisable to mount the furniture pieces at your fingertips, as needed. It’s not very pleasant to get out of the tub to take the shampoo or hair conditioner from a shelf up on the wall. That is why you should consider keeping all the products you use during the bath on a shelf mounted on the wall next to the bathtub or even inside the shower cabin. On the other hand, the hair dryer, hair clipper and other items you don’t use in the bathtub can find their place in a cabinet installed in a safer place, like next to the door for example.

5.Use quality items

Make sure that the bathroom installation is in perfect working order, which you need to know before you begin the remodeling of your bathroom. It’s important to consider the quality of the bathtub, sink or shower cabin. A cheap, low quality product will break down shortly after fitting, which will cause you nerves, stress and the obligation to go looking for a new one. At the end, you will spend more money than you would have spent buying good quality items from the very beginning.

6.Light – a key ingredient in inducing good mood

Psychologists argue that poorly illuminated spaces lead to the deepening of depressed moods of people suffering from this condition, while bright rooms contribute to psychological balance, being one of the most important factors in inducing a good mood. Knowing this, you should choose lighting fixtures that provide enough light. And in order to increase the degree of brightness inside the bathroom you should use as much light colors as possible.

7.A touch of green

Have you noticed how well you feel in nature, on a green meadow or in a forest? Nature also has a calming and relaxing effect on our psyche. To increase the sense of comfort during the moments spent in the bathroom, you can put one or more pots of indoor plants resistant to moisture and darkness. Aloe vera, certain species of cacti, begonia, spathiphyllum or fern are a just few options that you can consider. If you have a yard or a garden full of flowers, take advantage of this by decorating your bathroom with a vase full of fresh flowers. And if your bathroom has plenty of sunlight, you can bring in other indoor plants as well.

8.The bathroom as a retreat place

Besides the necessary furniture and sanitary items, you can equip the bathroom with some elements that are less common to this space, but that can help you enjoy it even more. In addition to the classic scented candles or scented sticks, rose petals and floating candles, you can enrich the decor with a mini shelf with books or magazines to browse during intimate moments in the bathtub. Or you can hang on the walls some paintings that illustrate places you’ve visited or that simply induce a state of wellbeing.

Following these recommendation, you will certainly enjoy the results of a perfect bathroom remodeling. If you want to change something in your bathroom or in your home, the Good Deal Remodeling will take care of the rest. Our experienced team is specialized in bathroom remodeling, but you can also contact us for any other home remodeling project you have in mind.