kitchen renovation trends 2019

10 kitchen renovation trends we’ll see everywhere in 2019

The kitchen renovation trends that have emerged for 2019 have been compiled by some of best experts in the industry. If you are planning a kitchen renovation soon, it is good to be on the lookout for the latest trends to get a better idea of what you should include in your renovation project. This is the perfect way to get a test of what’s popular in 2018 and what’s coming up for 2019!

For many people, the idea of having a new kitchen is very exciting. But all excitement aside, sometimes, it’s just time to do a kitchen renovation. The possibilities are almost limitless. Whether it’s the new features available on the latest models of appliances, the choice of lighting and countertops or the selection of stylish elements that reflect your style, there’s something for all tastes and budgets. The kitchen is often an extension of a person’s own style.

1.Unique kitchen cabinet handles

The kitchen handles are often a neglected element in the kitchen, yet there is a multitude of possibilities that can make a big difference! You can easily get away from the traditional handles by opting for different shapes, colors, and materials. And why not take inspiration from a popular trend in Scandinavian countries and choose handles made of leather? They can be curved to form a loop or even stretched horizontally. These handles will undoubtedly give a unique look in the kitchen.

With the general trend of minimalism, the handles are removed altogether and replaces with cuts made into the furniture. The shapes can vary from a simple round hole to an elongated shape. In modern kitchens, there are long slots made directly in the door of the cabinet, over its entire length, giving the impression that there is no handle.

2.Modern kitchen sinks

We use it every day, but we sometimes forget that it can be an interesting design element. After white sinks or large stainless steel sinks, some designers now offer embossed sinks, with metallic finishes and even colors that already match with the furniture in place.

The designers outdid themselves and even redesigned the sink to optimize its functionality. Nothing is missing in these modern kitchen sinks: removable cutting boards, built-in inserts, ice buckets, etc. These sinks are perfect for saving space in kitchens where counter space is limited.

3.Suspended lights

Although recessed lighting is one of the basic elements of all new kitchens built over the last decade and they are here to stay, we can’t ignore the return of hanging lamps that have quickly become a sought-after product by those looking to add a unique touch to their kitchen design. Several styles are offered to perfectly match your kitchen. In 2018, light fixtures inspired by the “mid-century” style, round shapes and often in gold or brass color are particularly popular.

The installation is best suitable above the kitchen island or the sink to bring a bright and warm atmosphere to the room. They can easily become the center of attention by adding a sense of expression and individuality.

4.Open shelves

Who doesn’t want to have a kitchen with practical and organized storage? If you have beautiful dishes and are proud of them, why not break the monotony by placing them on open shelves integrated into the design of your cabinets? Open shelves are great for glassware, dishes and other items that you use often, if not daily. For kitchen utensils, wall shelves are very popular! Forget the idea of placing there your best glasses, which are only used a few times a year, or rarely used utensils. You don’t want to have to rinse them before every use to remove the dust.

5.Matte household appliances

In recent years, matte finishes have been all the rage for luxury cars, because they are obtained by using special paints. Now, it will be seen in houses by bringing a completely different style to our appliances. The smooth, shiny surfaces that we are used to seeing are making way to rougher, matte textures reminiscent of the elegance of modern supercars. The dark matte finish naturally hides fingerprints, stains, and dirt. Matte appliances can be paired with most materials and maintain their beautiful appearance for a long time while requiring low maintenance. A great way to bring originality and personality to your kitchen!

6.Indoor herbal garden

If you like to cook and regularly add fresh herbs to your recipes, this kitchen renovation trend is for you. You can easily have fresh herbs grown in your own kitchen at hand. Consider them a small treat for yourself and the costs of setting up a corner to place your pots are very low. All great chefs say that no dried herb has the taste of fresh herbs to enhance a dish. In addition to the practical side of this hobby, herbal plants add vivacity to your kitchen and a touch of natural greenery. What a way to amaze all your guests!

7.Gold and copper accents

Apart from the colors selected for the cabinets, counters, walls and kitchen backsplash, gold has become the preferred choice to complement any room. Gold accents are perfect to be paired with most luxurious materials such as marble, high-quality wood or leather. It’s preferred for faucets, cabinet handles, and suspended lights. It allows you to integrate a touch of elegance and luxury into any kitchen design. Pair it with blue cabinets, pale marble countertops, white walls, and kitchen backsplashes, and you end up with a stylish kitchen. For those who are even more courageous, copper is also back in force, as much for the hardware as for the lighting fixtures!

Often associated with fashion accessories, gold and copper are today perceived as refined choices for interior decorations. These finishes are perfect for creating a classy vintage atmosphere in your room without having to break the bank.

8.Marble, the star of the kitchen

Marble remains a timeless classic. We see marble in more daring colors, such as emerald green, used as a focal point in the kitchen and it comes in a multitude of shapes and sizes to easily fit into any room, not just in the kitchen.

9.Popular colors for the kitchen renovation

White gradually loses ground. You know those all-white kitchens? We see more and more colorful additions in the kitchen. The possibilities are endless: accent walls, cabinet handles, bold-colored appliances, it’s possible to integrate more color little by little, according to your preference. For an original color scheme, you can also leave the walls white but play with different colors for the cabinets.

Which color accent to choose? Pantone recently introduced the two colors that will dominate the decor scene for 2019. One of them, Cravings, has its source directly in food. We immediately think of spicy reds, rich browns, and intense colors. Otherwise deep greens or olives and dark blues are still present in the kitchen trends for 2019.

10.Ceramic in the spotlight

As for ceramics, metro tiles, which are elongated, are always a fashionable option, and they are also economical! They are used as much in vintage kitchens as they are popular for modern ones. Otherwise, we notice a lot of tiles with complex patterns, used to create a focal point. Matte ceramics or handmade tiles are also gaining popularity. It’s possible to install them on the floor or on the kitchen backsplash, or on a kitchen island and thus make it the focal point of the room.

If you’re considering a kitchen renovation, regardless what type of project you have in mind or what type of materials you want to use, contact the Good Deal Remodeling team and we will be happy to walk you through all the steps and help you make the best decisions.